Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 30

It's the last day in September.  Yea!  I want the next 3 months to go by really fast so I can hold my little baby!  I'll try to focus on my 2 kids and the holidays to keep my busy while I try to wait patiently.  I was able to go to Joann's the other night to pick up some supplies for a few projects.  I'm excited about that.

Wrestling season is starting soon.  Ew.  At least right now Devin is only gone 2 nights a week.  He gets home late every night during wrestling though.  That's not a fun part about the holiday season.

I went to Walmart last night and was having tons of contractions while I did my shopping.  Like, every 3 minutes.  They went away when I drove home.  I try to consider it practice and relax and be glad that my body is getting ready.

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Bryce and Candice said...

I feel ya on the trying to be grateful part. I've heard that being sick is a good sign that your baby is developing properly. So every time I puke. I try to think of a happy health baby. It helps...sometimes


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