Wednesday, November 19, 2008


As I was searching for those "then" photos, I found some others that I really love and decided to post them...

My birthday last year.  A bunch of family came to eat at Tom's BBQ--so yummy!
Devin was using the dental floss in the kitchen to cut some cinnamon roll dough and Jax got ahold of it.  I just think it's adorable!
This was after a morning jog.  Jax and I would go every morning before I got pregnant with Henry.  The wind would blow and by the time we got home, Jaxon had the cutest wings!
A visit to St. George

Then & Now

This is Jaxon at his first birthday party:
This is Jaxon a few days after turning 2:
Here he is about 10 months:
Here he is at 2:
There is so much resemblance in these photos! He was a cutie then and he's a cutie now!

These are also similar and I love them both!
May 2008
October 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tagged by Jeannie!

This s the game: go to your 5th picture folder, select the 5th picture, then tag 5 people.
This is me and Devin at the ward Luau in 2007 recently after moving into our house. It was really fun. A few of the Relief Society sisters (me included) did a real hula dance.

I tag: Joy B, Kiera E, Carrie C, Ashtyn C, & Ashley W.

FYI...Infant Gas Drops Recall

I don't know how this happened, but yikes! We buy these gas drops.

"The companies said they are voluntarily recalling two lots of the over-the-counter medicine as a precaution after determining that some bottles could include metal fragments that were generated during the manufacturing process.

They said the potential for serious injury is low, and any effects were expected to be temporary and resolved without medical treatment.

The recalled products -- Infants' Mylicon Gas Relief Dye Free (simethicone-antigas) non-staining drops sold in one-ounce plastic bottles -- were distributed nationwide after October 5.

The recall does not affect any Original Infants' Mylicon Gas Relief products (1/2-ounce or 1-ounce size) or Infants' Mylicon Gas Relief Dye Free drops non-staining (1/2-ounce size).

Consumers who have purchased Mylicon drops with lot numbers SMF007 or SMF008 should immediately stop using the product and contact the company at 1-800-222-9435. Parents who have given the product to their infants and are concerned should contact their health care provider immediately, the companies said."

Friday, November 14, 2008

Tew or fee, depending on the day

Just thought I'd share the cute fact that when asked how old he is, Jaxon responds by holding up his middle and ring fingers and saying, "tew." We taught him that on his birthday.

Some days, I don't know why, but he'll say he's "fee." But, mostly he gets it right with "tew."

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Devin is done with his student teaching! His last day was actually October 31. We sent his resumes to the school districts around here at the beginning of the school year and let them know he'd be available to teach in November. They all told us to contact them when he was available and until then, there wasn't really anything we could do to pursue employment. So he finished his student teaching at Queen Creek high school and resent his applications in. Devin had 2 interviews, and another 2 set up, but the 2 he went to both offered him jobs! One was at Florence High School teaching Algebra 1, and the other was for Williams Field High School teaching Algebra 1 and Geometry. After talking about it and weighing the options, we decided to take the Williams Field job. He starts today!

Devin didn't get paid for his 12 weeks spent student teaching. It's like an unpaid internship. At times it was tight, but we were really blessed. I never really worried about him being able to find a job when he was done. I just thought we'd pray and do the things we were supposed to and everything would be fine. I was right! We are so blessed that our prayers were answered and within a few days of becoming qualified, Devin had a job! (Two to choose from actually!)

One of the interesting things that helped us was the fact that we didn't get our tax refund until the end of August! It was so late and we were a little annoyed it was taking so long, but it actually came at a perfect time. If we had the money earlier, we might have spend it and then we wouldn't have had it when he wasn't working and we really needed it. I believe my Heavenly Father's hands were present in our lives and he was watching out for us. He guides us in our decisions and through the kindness of others, we continue to be blessed daily!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Henry's first time seeing the Ocean:)
Devin and I went with Moxie Pest Control company to San Diego last weekend. We drove in 15 passenger vans. (That was an adventure in itself.) We stayed in a 7-room beach house with a bunch of other couples. It was so much fun!

We went ocean kayaking. This is Devin and his friend Cody. They shared a kayak while Cody's wife, Melody, and I realxed with Henry on the beach. Devin climbed out of his kayak to touch the sharks and now he can say he, "swam with the sharks."
When the guys were done, Melody and I took to the waves. We were out just long enough to see a shark, then we headed back in.

Baby Henry looking so cute on the beach.
The sunsets were amazing!
The boys played this game where they threw a ball (or a water bottle filled with water and sand until the ball arrived) and caught and tackled each other (a definite boy game). They had fun, but had plenty of battle wounds afterwords.

Halloween 2008

Jax was Buzz, of course.
Henry was just Henry, but what could be better:)
My parents came to the trunk-or-treat to see the boys. The had some pretty fancy costumes too! (Devin's chili was a hit:) )
On Saturday, we went up to Devin's grandparents cabin outside of Payson. The theme was "high school." Devin was the Prom King complete with construction paper crown and I was a track star sporting a genuine Westwood jersey. Devin's parents were coaches, Reina was a super smarty pants, Elisha was a gothic chick and her husband Josh was a nasty staff worker.
We did carmel apples for an activity and Jax loved it!

Baby Henry & Jax & Mama

It's a lot of work, but I just love having my little baby Henry in our home! I'm so glad he joined our family:) I try to soak up every precious second while holding him and I can feel his sweet spirit. He is so smiley and happy. The only time he is fuzzy is if he is hungry, poopy, or tired. The rest of the time he is perfectly fine.
And Jaxon is just so cute! He is talking so much lately. It's exciting that he is getting better at pronouncing words, but at the same time it will be kind of sad when he can talk correctly. The way he talks now is so cute!
Jaxon has really been into Toy Story lately. He asks, "Watch Woody Buzz?" If we say yes he gets so excited but if we say no...well, we won't talk about can get ugly! He runs around pretending he's buzz and yesterday at my mom's house he came up with this:
Those are dish clothes tucked into his shirt for wings like Buzz. I can't believe how creative he is and how good he is at using his imagination!

Oh, he loves olives!
Is that RED hair?


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