Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Trunk or Treat

FYI everyone planning on going to the Trunk or Treat tomorrow...someone I know, lets call him D. Miller, no that's to obvious. We'll call him Devin M. made his OWN chili powder for his chili. Yep, that's right, got his own chilies and did whatever it takes to make them into chili powder. He's crazy. Just use the stinkin' spice in the bottle! I know he loves making things homemade: maple syrup, blueberry pancakes (yes with real blueberries even though I LIKE the fake ones in the mix), pizza sauce, juice, cakes, noodles, refried beans, tortillas, pie crust, mac & cheese, bbq sauce, he even wanted to try making his own marshmallows! I think it's getting out of hand. We're not pioneers who lived back in the day when you couldn't buy those things at Frys! I think he would churn his own butter if he could! Where do I draw the line? No, I'm kidding...not about him making all that stuff from scratch, but about drawing the line. I think it's good for him to make his own stuff, but really? Chili powder?

We Have a Boy

Yesterday, Jaxon was jumping off everything he could climb saying, "to inity and ond!" and pointing to himself saying, "Buzz ite ear." It was adorable! But...the climbing and jumping was scaring me at little. At dinner, I was telling Devin about the day and Jaxon's imagination and how he was being dangerous (as Jax climbed onto the table and declared he was Buzz). I pointed to Jaxon and said, "I think we have a problem." Devin said, "No, we have a boy." He is totally right. Jaxon's imagination is thriving and if he gets a few owies in the process it's okay. (Though I'll still be worried throughout!) He is such a sweetie and I love him to pieces!

Should of got it when I had the chance...

Last night we had to run to WalMart for diapers. Henry was out and we had some in the next size that I thought would fit him, but he's not quite big enough yet. So I ran in and decided to check the Halloween costumes because we still haven't gotten Jaxon his yet. Wow. I'll never do that again! Waiting until the last minute was a bad idea. There were like a thousand people per isle! The only kid costumes I could see were of Hanna Montana. I looked at their costumes the other day but didn't get one at the time. I could see now that I should have when I had the chance. Now I didn't have time to search through all those people and Hanna Montanas to find Jax a Spiderman costume. So, it's October 30 and I still don't have a costume for my little guy...I think I might go to Party City because we got an ad in the mail and they have a Buzz Lighyear costume. I think he would love it.

Jaxon's costume from last year is still too big for Henry. So he is wearing a onsie that Oma got him that glows in the dark and says, "Baby's First Halloween."

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2 Years & 2 Months

Yesterday I took Jaxon and Henry for their 2 year and 2 month checkups. Here are the stats:

Height: 33 1/4 inches
Weight: 28 pounds, 5 ounces
Head: 50 inches
The doc said, "He's a little short."

Height: 22 1/4 inches
Weight: 13 pounds, 12 ounces
Head: 39 inches
The doc said: "He holds his head up really well." "He's really alert." And, "He's solid!"

I got a little smile on camera:)
Here's a good one:)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Double Chin

On him that is, not me. But it looks cute on him!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


High School Musical 3 came out today and no, I didn't go see it (though I wish I did!)...but yes, Devin and I just got done watching both High School Musical 1 & 2. We were just gonna watch the first one, but when it was over I wanted to watch the second! I love those movies! They're so fun. They make me wish life could always be as fun as a giant musical:) Plus, Troy is a cutie!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Schnepf Farms

We took the boys to the festivities on Thursday because it was half price for Queen Creek residents. It was so much fun!

Jax didn't really like straw on his hands, but I convinced him to sit for a minute for a picture.
Jaxon loved the little pumpkins. "Baby num nums" he called them (baby pumpkins).
Jaxon and Daddy and the "BIG num nums" :)
As you can see, Jaxon didn't really get the idea...
This cow is like 6 feet tall...his legs are so long and he's huge!
Jaxon loved riding on the airplane at first, but by the end of the ride, he looked like he was going to fall asleep:)
The best pic we could get with the bee ride. Jaxon loved that too!
We rode on the train. Besides food, it was the only thing that cost extra. We thought the kids, well at least Jax, would love it...but looks like we were wrong...
It's not that he didn't like it, he was just so tired by then...haha, that face kills me! As we were getting off, Devin joked saying, "I don't know how we'll get Jaxon off this thing...Jax, quit kicking and screaming. We know it was fun, but we can't ride it again." Jaxon was so somber...he needed some food!
After the train we watch pig races and then ate some chili, bbq pork, and Jaxon's favorite, corn! Once Jaxon got a little food in him, he was snapping his fingers and dancing like crazy to the live band. It was so cute!
Little Henry after eating his dinner.While we were on our way out Devin asked Jaxon if he had fun and Jax said yes. We asked him what his favorite part was, and he said, "Henry." Devin and I laughed. Then, a few minutes later when we got to the car, Devin tried again, "Jaxon, what was your favorite part?" "Um, Henry" he said again. "Are you sure it wasn't the pumpkins?" "No, Henry" Jax responded. "What about the train?" Devin joked. "No! Henry!"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

Yesterday while Jaxon was eating breakfast, he leaned over and put his ear to his bowl of Rice Krispies. He stood up, pointed to his cereal, and said with a surprised face and wide-eyes, "Makin' noise!" It was so cute! It was the first time he has eaten Rice Krispies and he noticed all on his own the noise they make. I asked him like ten more times what his cereal was doing just to hear him say it again. I love my cute boy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Joey & Polly

This is Joey our 3-year-old, 50 pound, German wire-hair pointer. He is such a sweet guy, but we just aren't sure we want to keep him anymore. He is so good with Jaxon and really, really lovable. I don't think we give him the attention he needs. A 2-year-old, a baby, and a husband take up all the attention I have to give a the time and Joey deserves more. He would be a great running companion and he is potty trained. If anyone you know would be interested adopting Joey, please let us know.
We also have a Brittany setter/English spaniel mix named Polly we are looking for a home for. She is 2 years old, weighs about 30 pounds, and is a sweetheart. We just can't give her the attention she needs either. She's potty trained too.
We want these doggies to go to good homes so please pass the word around and let us know if anyone you know is interested.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


My little boys:)

Blessing & Birthday

We blessed Henry on Sunday and since Jaxon's birthday was on Thursday we had a combined blessing/birthday family get-together. Our church is at 8:00, so we did a breakfast at our house afterward of biscuits and gravy. Between my large family and Devin's family, there were a lot of people there. I love big families:)
Devin's parents, us, and my parents.
Jaxon saw this Spiderman flatware set at Target and really wanted it. I think he cried for like 20 minutes when I didn't buy it for him so when he got it for his birthday he was so excited!
Nana and Papa gave Jaxon a plush Spiderman that sings "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." He loves it! They also gave him some dinosaurs that he loves too! After everyone left he was pooped and fell asleep watching Toy Story with Buzz and Woody.
On Jaxon's actual birthday Devin and I took him out to Moon China. It's a really yummy Chinese restaurant that has lunch specials for $5 so we love it. Jaxon loves noodles so he loved the lo mein.
I'm not sure what's up here, but it was too cute!
Little post-meal messy-face "cheese!"
Jaxon wanted a chocolate cake with sprinkles so that's what he got. Too bad he didn't even eat a single bite!
Jaxon's friend Landon gave him a Spiderman backpack for his birthday. He loves wearing it!

2 Weeks Monster-free Thanks to Daddy

Devin had 2 weeks off because the school he is doing his student teaching at had October break. It has been so nice to have him home. He has been so helpful and patient with Jaxon. He worked hard around here too. He built Jaxon a sand box and a bunk bed! He is a great daddy. I will miss him when he has to go back!

A few posts ago I wrote about how Jaxon is having no problem adjusting to having Henry. I think I was wrong. I assumed he was fine becuase he wasn't showing aggression or hostility toward Henry, but I realized he was acting out in other ways. He was really testing Devin and me (he's at that age too, but his behavior was so unlike him). He would tell us no constantly and throw huge fits. Well, I think that's how he dealt with having Henry added to our family. Since Devin has been home these past 2 weeks, Jaxon's behavior has improved so much. I think it's because Devin has been able to tend to him while I have to deal with Henry, so Jaxon doesn't feel like he's getting the short end of the stick. I understand he's feeling like he's not getting enough attention when it's just me here because he isn't. He is used to having me all to himself for everything he needs, so it has been hard for him. When Devin goes back I will have to really try to give Jax the attention he needs so he doesn't turn back into a little monster.

Oh, Devin took advantage of not having to be clean shaven and grew out his beard while he was off. He didn't mind shaving it because kisses aren't given out in abundance when he's sandpaper face:)

My Dream

I just have to say how blessed I am. I am living my dream. I get to be a stay at home mom and spend all day taking care of our sweet children. There are days that I think I might go crazy, but those days are totally worth the special moments that I get to share with my boys. I absolutely love being a mom. It is so special. The amount of love I have for my little boys is unmeasurable. I'm sure every mom feels like this, at least I hope they do. I'm amazing how much I care for my little guys and how I would do anything for them and how much I want them to be happy.

Today in church we blessed Henry. Another family blessed their baby too. The mother bore her testimony and said it is so special how these little babies came to us right from Heavenly Father and they were just in his presence so recently. I hadn't really thought about that, but it is so special. They were just up there in Heaven with our Heavenly Father--it's pretty cool to think about.

Monday, October 6, 2008

People: Micah, Alex, Dad, Mother-in-law, Kathryn, Joshua, Mom

As a crawled back into bed last night at 4:26, I had a lot on my mind. Usually I can fall back to sleep quickly after feeding, burping, and changing Henry, so I don't know why it didn't work the same last night. I was thinking about people.

People I miss:

My Aunt, Micah
Why? She lives in Tennessee and has 4 little kiddos and is married to my Uncle Jeremy. She is so much like me in so many ways. We share a passion for natural child birth, which is something many other women don't relate to, so it's a unique bond. We are really close and have the best time when we get to see each other. I wish it was more often!

My friend in St. George, Alex
Why? Because she is totally awesome! We had so much fun working together and became BFF's in like ten seconds of knowing each other. She moved from California so we both didn't know anyone else in town so we loved to hang out together. We were the hot young girls in the office and shared many secrets, worries, and fun times! She is hillarious and we both wish we could be there for each other more, but the distance doesn't allow it:(

People I look up to:

My Dad
Why? He is just the greatest. He is so giving and so sweet! He always does his best to make my mom happy. He is an awesome grandpa to Jaxon and Henry. He always helps me when I am in need. He is one of the hardest working men I know and he taught me how to work hard too. He's so cute when he sees something that touches him, he gets totally teary eyed! (That's where I get it from.)

My Mother-in-Law
Why? She is so giving. She is always trying to please everyone else and doens't worry about herself at all. She would do anything for her husband and kids, and kid-in-laws. She always makes me feel loved. She has taught me a lot since coming into her family. I am really blessed to have such a sweet mother in law.

My Friend, Kathryn
Why? She is so strong. I totally love her! She worked hard all through school and graduated from ASU and has a great job. She is so kind and is always there for me. We have been best friends since we met in first grade. I know she'll always be in my life and I am so thankful for that. Plus, she is hillarious! I love that:)

People I wish I were closer to:

My Little Brother, Joshua
Why? Because I love him and he is my only brother. We have a lot of different opinions and we're both pretty stuck on those opinions so that causes some strife. He is a Freshman at ASU and living in the dorms, so I understand he's busy, but we hardly even talk. I miss him. He always used to make me laugh. When we were younger, we were best friends and got along so well. I know people grow up and change, but he's my brother, you know? Isn't family the most important thing in our lives? Aren't we always supposed to be close? I wish. He has such a good heart and I hope we'll be close again some day.

My Mom
Why? I love her too. Ever since Jaxon was born she has been an awesome grandma to him and now Henry will have that too. But, sometimes I want to have my mom be my mom and not my sons' grandma. I'm 22 and sill feel like a little girl who needs her mommy. Maybe some day I'll get the guts to let her her know.

Yeah, I was thinking about all of this in the middle of the night...

Precious Moments

Daddy and Henry

Love, Love, Love

My sweet little boys!
Yeah, I don't look so great, but these boys are so cute I had to post this pic!

Deep Space Pine or Pine-0210?

Devin's grandparents recently sold their cabin in Utah to buy one closer. They found one outside of Payson and we went up for the first time last week. Their previous cabin was named "Aspen Ridge" by the family because, you guessed it, there were aspen trees all over. So, in an attempt to come up with an awesome name for the new cabin, we sat around the table from about 11 pm to midnight and came up with some real winners! Well, at least we thought so at that time of the night. Here are some of our ideas:

Memoirs of an Aspen
Aspen Ridge: The Next Generation
See above title of post. (I don't know what it was, but once we got on Star Trek/pop-culture ideas, we couldn't stop...)

Yeah, no good.

I guess Grandpa read through the suggestion box and decided we needed to think harder and come up with something we can actually use. We didn't get a good name, but we sure had fun trying. I don't know how we'll actually think of a name...

Anyway, here were some of the fun happenings while we were there:

Jaxon fell down a few stairs and got his first fat lip. He still wanted to say "Cheese" for the camera!
A few days after our first trip, we went back up. This time, we took my parents for a night. Jaxon loved this tractor we saw on our walk.
My dad said this is a bird's nest in the dirt. We've never seen that before.
Devin and Dad wanted to crack some black walnuts we gathered on our walk. Those nuts have such hard shells, they used a sledge hammer to crack them outside on the cement.
We are really blessed to have a close place to go where the weather is beautiful and we can have fun adventures as a family!

New Hair Cut

Jaxon's hair was getting pretty long and on the days he didn't get his face wiped after eating and wore his pj's all day, he was really on the verge of white trash. Devin even joked when he came home from work, "Where did this white trash kid come from?" Yeah, thanks. Let me say, it was one of my very proud moments as a mother.

Anyway, here he was before:

During:And After:I'm a big fan of the fo-hawk, so that's what we tried. His hair is still a little thin, but I love his new do!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Okay, everybody line up!

After playing with his Mr. Potato Heads, Jaxon carefully lined them up. Why? I don't know...but he sure is cute!


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