Sunday, October 12, 2008

2 Weeks Monster-free Thanks to Daddy

Devin had 2 weeks off because the school he is doing his student teaching at had October break. It has been so nice to have him home. He has been so helpful and patient with Jaxon. He worked hard around here too. He built Jaxon a sand box and a bunk bed! He is a great daddy. I will miss him when he has to go back!

A few posts ago I wrote about how Jaxon is having no problem adjusting to having Henry. I think I was wrong. I assumed he was fine becuase he wasn't showing aggression or hostility toward Henry, but I realized he was acting out in other ways. He was really testing Devin and me (he's at that age too, but his behavior was so unlike him). He would tell us no constantly and throw huge fits. Well, I think that's how he dealt with having Henry added to our family. Since Devin has been home these past 2 weeks, Jaxon's behavior has improved so much. I think it's because Devin has been able to tend to him while I have to deal with Henry, so Jaxon doesn't feel like he's getting the short end of the stick. I understand he's feeling like he's not getting enough attention when it's just me here because he isn't. He is used to having me all to himself for everything he needs, so it has been hard for him. When Devin goes back I will have to really try to give Jax the attention he needs so he doesn't turn back into a little monster.

Oh, Devin took advantage of not having to be clean shaven and grew out his beard while he was off. He didn't mind shaving it because kisses aren't given out in abundance when he's sandpaper face:)


John and Jada McFarlane said...

We were sharing wireless internet with our neighbors, until they moved. So we have been without the internet for a while and now we finally have it back! I have missed so many posts from you guys. I loved them all. I am happy that you and Devin had 2 weeks together, that is awesome! We hope that everything is going great with you guys.

Mortensen Family said...

Don't worry Ruthann, it happened to me too. Kailee did the samething too when Tucker was born. It was bad. But, they soon get over it. I am happy I can watch your cute little boys grow!

Carrie Carp said...

Amen on the sandpaper face. I just showed my husband your post so he knows I'm not the only one with that rule.


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