Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2 Years & 2 Months

Yesterday I took Jaxon and Henry for their 2 year and 2 month checkups. Here are the stats:

Height: 33 1/4 inches
Weight: 28 pounds, 5 ounces
Head: 50 inches
The doc said, "He's a little short."

Height: 22 1/4 inches
Weight: 13 pounds, 12 ounces
Head: 39 inches
The doc said: "He holds his head up really well." "He's really alert." And, "He's solid!"

I got a little smile on camera:)
Here's a good one:)


Jami said...

He has some awesome lips! I love/hate going to check-ups. I love them b/c everyone in the office is alwasy commenting on how cute Grace is, or how smart she is...and I LOVE getting comments about Grace. BUT, then I hate it when I they tell me ANYTHING is wrong with her. I guess I am the typical annoying mom that doesn't think anything is wrong with their kid!
BUT, your baby, and boy are just delicious, I love them both!

Kiera said...

oh CUTE! They are both so perfect looking:).. Ilove Henry's little smile, I can't believe he is already 2 months.. that flew by! That's awesome that they are right on.. except the short thing but that's not bad at all:).. I love the Schnepf farm post to, JAxon is so hilarious! You guys are the cutest family!

The Wright Family said...

Awww...Henry is getting so big! He's so cute! I love when they start 'filling in' and they get all chubby and you just want to squeeze them! How fun!


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