Friday, December 19, 2008

4 Years!

Yesterday was our 4 year anniversary!  I can't believe it has been that long!  The 2 years Devin was on his mission were the longest of my life and now the time goes by too fast!

Devin was very cute.  This is what he did:  He has this collection of root beer bottles that I hate.  They were in our kitchen on our "half wall" collecting dust and clashing with everything.  So I have been after him lately to throw them out but he wants to keep them.  When I woke up on our anniversary and went into the kitchen the bottles were gone!  I was so excited!  And the dishes were put away, but the bottles being gone was really enough to start my day off right:)

Then, for Christmas we were working on typing up his recipes and making a cookbook to give his family.  I needed to go through and edit the recipes.  I worked on it all day and my poor boys were practically neglected while I tried to get it finished.  So I was feeling horrible about ignoring them and tired of doing the recipes and frustrated that it was taking so long.  When all of a sudden, there was  a knock on the front door.  It was my in-laws.  They were there to watch the boys so I could get ready and meet Devin for dinner.  (I love being able to get ready without the boys interrupting me every 2 minutes so this was a treat.)  

As I was getting ready Devin called and said he could come pick me up so we could drive together instead of meet there so I was excited about that.  Though I didn't know where we were going yet...

When he got home, we said bye to the boys and followed Devin's clues to find the restaurant Baci.  It's an Italian place I have been wanting to try.  It was very nice and delicious!  The only thing I didn't like was their house dressing.  It had horseradish in it and I don't like that so they brought me their caesar dressing and it was yummy!

After our very nice dinner together, we drove home and put the boys to bed and had a nice evening at home.  He was so thoughtful and we really had a fun time!  

I am so blessed to have Devin as my eternal companion.  He is absolutely amazing.  We aren't perfect, but we are perfect for each other.  I love him so much!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brain Cells

Devin was so sick last week he missed work.  When I touched him during the night, it woke me up because his fever made his skin so hot!

Then, after he was feeling better, he said something a little off and this is what came after...

Ruthann:  Your fever was so high a bunch of brain cells probably died.
Devin:  Your brain cells get dead?
Ruthann:  Well, I don't know, but it sounds like it.

Twilight Written of Facebook

My brother sent me this...LOVE it!


 Bella Swan is moving to Forks—ugh! 

 Charlie Swan is watching the big game. 

 Bella Swan is not looking forward to the first day of school—plus the rain sux. 

 Mike Newton is whoa whos the hottie!!1!!LOL 

 Eric Yorkie commented on Mike Newton’s status: 

 “Dude, seriously! Wonder if she’s going to the dance with anyone…….” 

 Mike Newton became a fan of Hot New Girls. 

 Eric Yorkie became a fan of Hot New Girls. 

 Mike Newton and Bella Swan are now friends. 

 Jessica Stanley is wondering what the fuss is all about.  

 Jessica Stanley and Bella Swan are now friends.  

 Lauren Mallory is like, so over the drama. 

 Bella Swan is curious about those pale kids in the corner. Plus the rain sux.  

Edward Cullen is slightly uncomfortable.  

 Edward Cullen requested to leave the group “Junior Biology.”  

 Bella Swan is confused.  

 Mike Newton and Bella Swan are attending Forks HS Prom. 

 Bella Swan is no longer attending Forks HS Prom. 

 Mike Newton and Jessica Stanley are attending Forks HS Prom.  

 Mike Newton created the event First Beach Bonfire! 

 5 of your friends are attending the event First Beach Bonfire! 

 Bella Swan and Jacob Black are now friends. 

 Edward Cullen is WAY PISSED! 

 Bella Swan is OMG that van almost hit me. 

 Bella Swan is doing a little internet research.  

 Jessica Stanley created the event Prom Shopping in Port Angeles. 

 Bella Swan is attending the event Prom Shopping in Port Angeles 

 Bella Swan is in the alley wondering who those creepy drunk guys are, oh well! LOL 

 Edward Cullen is WAY PISSED! 

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are In a Relationship. 

 Jessica Stanley is shocked. 

 Rosalie Hale is making dinner…I know, right?? 

 Alice Cullen is feeling like everything is going to turn out ok.  

 Bella Swan became a fan of Vampires. 

 Bella Swan and Alice Cullen are now friends.  

 Jacob Black is wishing he was a few years older…… 

 Jacob Black joined the group Quileute Power!! 

 Charlie Swan is watching the big game.  

 Bella Swan is dazzled.  

 Edward Cullen is feeling moody…and thirsty.  

 Emmett Cullen created the event XTreme Baseball. 

 8 of your friends are attending the event XTreme Baseball. 

 Rosalie Hale is ready to kick some a$$ at baseball tonite! 

 Victoria and James are In a Relationship. 

James is thinking evil thoughts.  

 Laurent is peace out.  

 Edward Cullen is WAY PISSED! 

 Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale tagged Bella Swan in the Note “Road Trip to Phoenix!” 

 Bella Swan really hates Forks! PSYCH! :( 

 Bella Swan is OH CRAP. 

 Edward Cullen is in a ballet studio? 

 James is no longer online. 

 Victoria is WAY PISSED! 

 Bella Swan is in the hospital but omg Edward is so hot.    

 Jacob Black is :( 


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Problem Partially Figured Out

Read previous post before this one...

So, Henry just woke up and I was in nursing him.  He was eating perfectly fine when Jaxon came in and started making all kinds of noise.  Henry just looked up at me and started screaming.  I calmed him down but he didn't want to eat anymore after that.  He just wanted to watch Jaxon play.  I got Jax convinced to finish watching Sesame Street so he left.  I tried feeding Henry again and he ate.  From the other room we heard Jaxon shouting about something he saw and Henry stopped eating, looked up at me, curled his bottom lip under, and started screaming again.  Now, it could be gas, but the timing is just too much to be coincidence.  I am pretty sure he likes it quite while he eats and he doesn't want to be disturbed.  Most times he eats, Jaxon is around and distracting him.  That's probably why he eats for such a short time and then that makes him need to eat more often.  

Anyway, boring mom stuff, I know, but I'm just trying to figure it out!  Jaxon was such a good little eater.  20 minutes each side, done and done.  With Henry, I never know if he's full!

Baby Wise Confused Me

Okay, so I am confused...I read the book Baby Wise and I tried getting Henry on their suggested schedule of eat, play, sleep.  I know it's better for kids not to fall asleep eating so I don't let him do that, but he is always hungry before going to sleep.  I don't think I should let him cry when he's hungry just so he'll fall asleep so he can eat when he wakes up.  I really tried doing it for a few days but it made him take like a 30 minute nap and then he would wake up because he was HUNGRY.  I don't know what to do.  The book makes it sound like when the baby is on this schedule everyones lives are easier.  I'll tell ya, I don't know anyone's life who became easier while trying to do this.  It also makes it sound like if we don't have our babies on this schedule, they will grow to have sleeping disorders that will effect them the rest of their lives.  And, it says they put tons of babies on this schedule and they were all sleeping through the night by like 12 weeks.  I've always heard (and believed) that all babies are different with different needs, but this book makes it sound like this schedule is for ALL babies.

I have heard a lot of people doing this method, but I just can't see it working for Henry.  If any one has experience of their own with this, please share it. 

At his age of 3 months, the books says he should eat 4 to 5 times a day and none of those feedings should be at night and his naps should be 1 1/2 to 2 hours long.   

So, lets see here...If he ate 5 times a day, from 7 am to 10 pm, that's 15 hours that's every 3 hours (day time feedings only).  There is supposed to be about a 2 hour nap then he's only awake for about an hour at a time and he takes 5 naps a day...Not Henry.  It's different every time.  It's partly my fault because I don't think he eats a full feeding every time.  Sometimes I have to stop him before he is really done because I have another kid to deal with.  So, he only gets a snack.  That's reality!  And, he's not ready to go to sleep after being awake for an hour.  He eats more and sleeps less than the book says a baby his age should.

I dumped the book for a few days and they have been way happier days!  I feed him when he's hungry and it is somewhat of a schedule.  But, I guess he eats more often than the book says and he naps less.  His pattern is eat, play, eat, nap, with 3 naps a day--morning, early afternoon, and a short one in the late afternoon to get him through the evening.  Then, 2 or 3 feedings at night. It's about 6 to 8 times a day and 2 or 3 at night.  I asked a few other moms with babies Henry's age and a little older and they say their babies are still eating like 2 hours apart and some 1 1/2. 

I think Henry's problem is he doesn't get a full meal when he wakes up so he can't make it until the next time he wakes up.  But now, he is used to these short(er) meals, only like 10 minutes, when it should be more like 20 or 30, though the book does say a baby can drain a breast in 7 minutes, so maybe he just eats fast, but I have been trying to make him eat longer and he is uninterested and gets mad about it.

Anyway, people probably don't even care about this and probably won't even finish reading it...but I'm wondering:  Is this scheduling plan really possible, or am I just a totally unorganized mother who can't successfully deal with 2 kids to put her little baby on a schedule causing everyone's life suffers because of it?!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kisses Quote

Ruthann:  Hey Jax, can a have a big smoochie?
Jaxon:  No big moochie.
Ruthann:  What about a little kissie?
Jaxon:  Otay, little tissie.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Someone dropping 108 pennies in the sand with the wind blowing and birds chirping

Does anyone remember when KMLE country used to do the secret sound?  It was always something totally random that it took like 100 clues for anyone to ever get it.  Well, some times I feel like I'm playing that game in my own home.  Often times, if I'm not in the same room as Jaxon and I hear something suspicious, I have to pull all the information in my brain together to figure out what's going on.  Like tonight:  I was nursing Henry in his room and I heard Jaxon in the office doing something that made a loud noise and sounded like the printer tray was being hit, and broken (hard to describe, but it didn't sound like a good noise).  So I asked, "Devin, what is he doing to the printer?"  Devin responded with, "Jax don't do that."  And to me, "He was making Woody jump on the paper tray."  My thought was, "Devin, aren't you watching that boy?"

Favorite Quotes

I decided to take these off the side and post them when they happen so the list doesn't get too long and then they'll also be dated.  Anyway, here are the existing ones...more to come...

Devin: Are you ready to have family night?
Jaxon: Yep!
Devin: And sing songs?
Jaxon: No, watch the tv!

Ruthann: What's your name?
Jaxon: Spideyman Boy.
Ruthann: You mean Jaxon?
Jaxon: No! Spideyman Boy Jaxon.

Jaxon: Uh-oh! Boogers! (as he wiped his nose on his shirt)

Ruthann: Hey Devin, I got Jaxon to take a nap today.
Jaxon: Nooooo!
Ruthann: Not right now, you had one earlier.
Jaxon: Oh, yep!

While driving on a muddy road due to someone not preparing their yard for irrigation after the road had just been repaired:
Devin: Some people have poop for brains.

In response to Ruthann's complaining about her boobs getting bigger when pregnant:
Devin: You know, lots of women pay good money for those!

Ruthann: What color would you call my hair?
Devin: Dirt.
Ruthann: What??? (Dirty look.)
Devin: Okay...strawberry blond.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I finally saw it!  I figure by now all the die hard fans have seen it too, so I won't hold back on my review...

I LOVED it!  At first I wasn't convinced they had a good pick for Edward, but he played it really well.  Except, before the part when Bella told him that she knew he was a vampire, he was all rigid all the time and I guess that's how he is supposed to be since it's so hard for him to be around her, but I guess I didn't picture him being so weird looking when I read it.  Does that even make sense?  

My brother told me about a review he heard on the radio that said, "You've never seen NOT having sex so HOT before."  I thought their chemistry was good, but nothing super hot.  The kiss was pretty hot though.  But it was silly when he flew across the room and into the wall to stop himself...I don't remember that happening...did it?

My favorite part was the baseball scene, which my brother pointed out was probably due to the awesome song they picked for it (search "supermassive black hole twilight" on YouTube).  It was just so fun to watch and imagine if we could really play baseball like that.  How cool would that be?  

My other favorite scene was when Edward drove Bella to school.  When they got out he just looked so cocky with this big goofy smile on his face like he was thinking, "Yep, I've got a girlfriend and she's hot and I'm hot and you are all jealous!"  I just loved it!  It was funny and cute and not really how I pictured it in the book, but better!  haha!  Then it got even better when she said, "Everyone's staring at us."  He said, "No, not that guy.  Oh, nevermind, he just looked."  Oh, I love a good cheesy romance!  

I think Jacob is pretty, but needs to cut his hair.  Jasper was a little silly looking, like his eyes were gonna pop out, but I thought he was cute.  Charile was good.  I think they should have left in the parts about how Bella always cooked for him.  Instead, they were always at that diner.  Alice looks a little older to me.  Devin thinks she's really pretty.  I think that's about it...


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