Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I attempted to do them myself this year with TurboTax...Let's just say it wasn't my favorite. By the time we purchased the software ($35) and the additional state we needed (Utah) ($35) and the cost for e-filing ($18 x 2) it totaled $106...PLUS my whole day of frustration and no time to play with Jaxon AND the worry of wondering whether I did them correctly, I would rather have paid the $218 we paid last year at TaxQue! I heard it was the easy, cheap way to go. I don't know; maybe it's my pregnant brain that's making it worse than it really is, but I don't think I wanna do that again next year! And the worst part is...we owe! We aren't even getting a return!

At least it's over! :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Park day

Devin and I took Jaxon to the park for the first time a few days ago. He loved it and we loved it becuase he was so pooped, he went to sleep an hour early! Maybe we should take him to the park everyday!

Paint mishap

Okay, so last night Devin was making dinner and I was painting the spare bedroom to get it ready for Jaxon to move into it when the new baby comes. I was standing up on a stool holding the gallon of paint when I looked down to see it was pouring right on Jaxon's head! We took him to the bathroom and stripped him down (not before taking the pictures) and bathed him right away. Devin asked him what happened and he just put his arms up, shrugged, and squeaked his "I don't know" squeak. It was so cute! Let's just say it was rough getting the paint out of his hair while keeping it out of his eyes and mouth! He was okay though. What a scare for Mom and Dad!

Time for a haircut?

Jaxon is 16 months and hasn't had a haircut yet. As the mom, I think it's so cute because it's curly, but I am also afraid people are starting to think it's getting out of hand. But, when I tell people we're going to cut it soon, they say not to and that it is so cute and to just leave it alone. In anticipation for the big day, I took some pics of the curls to remember all the cuteness! What do you think? Is it time for a haircut?

Baby #2

In January we found out that we are expecting our second baby! We are thrilled and can't wait to have another blessing of a child in our home.

My due date is around August 23. With my birthday on the 11th, and Devin's on the 31st, it'll be a busy month!

When I was pregnant with Jaxon, I was only sick once. As long as I ate non-stop I could control the nausea. This pregnancy hasn't been so good. I still feel blessed because it isn't as bad as many women, but it still isn't tons of fun!

We have some friends in our ward with a 5 month old baby boy, Landon. Joy, his mom, has been over quite a bit helping with painting and canning raspberry jam so Jaxon has got to know Landon pretty well. The other morning after breakfast, Jaxon started signing baby. I asked him if he wanted to see Landon and he smiled and did his laugh that means yes. I told him Landon was at home with his mommy and we could see him later. Jaxon didn't like that. He didn't want to wait to see him so he started crying:( When he does see Landon he likes to give him kisses and if he fusses, Jaxon runs right over to put the binki in Landon's mouth. So...with this being how he acts toward Landon, we think Jaxon will be a great big brother!


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