Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Baby #2

In January we found out that we are expecting our second baby! We are thrilled and can't wait to have another blessing of a child in our home.

My due date is around August 23. With my birthday on the 11th, and Devin's on the 31st, it'll be a busy month!

When I was pregnant with Jaxon, I was only sick once. As long as I ate non-stop I could control the nausea. This pregnancy hasn't been so good. I still feel blessed because it isn't as bad as many women, but it still isn't tons of fun!

We have some friends in our ward with a 5 month old baby boy, Landon. Joy, his mom, has been over quite a bit helping with painting and canning raspberry jam so Jaxon has got to know Landon pretty well. The other morning after breakfast, Jaxon started signing baby. I asked him if he wanted to see Landon and he smiled and did his laugh that means yes. I told him Landon was at home with his mommy and we could see him later. Jaxon didn't like that. He didn't want to wait to see him so he started crying:( When he does see Landon he likes to give him kisses and if he fusses, Jaxon runs right over to put the binki in Landon's mouth. So...with this being how he acts toward Landon, we think Jaxon will be a great big brother!


The Bottjer Family said...

Yes, Jaxon will most certainly be a great big brother. Landon loves having him around too! =)

Oh, and welcome to the blog world! Glad to see you on the "dark side". Ha hah.

Jen said...

Yeah.. pur bambinos will only be 2 months apart, I am so excited! I hope you are feeling good.

Twinstar Alpacas said...

I am the most blessed Granny on the planet because that cutie-patutie Jaxon is my bestest bud and his parents are my wonderful adult children. Jaxon has a wonderful Uncle named Joshua too.

Kiera said...

Oh FUN!!! Jaxon is so cute with LAndon he will be such a cute older brother!!! I'm so glad you got a blog, how exciting:) its really cute!


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