Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A bit of Lovely Shop

Hi Everyone!  (If anyone still reads this since I haven't updated in forever!)

But, I have been busy with life and starting an Etsy shop online found here:

If you notice my button to the right...  if you'd like to place my button on your blog or website I would love you forever!

For those of you whose e-mail address I have, you already received the below message, but if you are reading this for the first time, please know it would be amazing it if you did as I mentioned below (or more like pleaded) :)

Hi Friends and Family!  

It's Ruthann from my new business e-mail.  Some of you might have heard, but I want to let everyone know that I have started a business.  I recently learned to crochet and realized that I love it!  So, I started selling the items I make online (on Etsy).  I have baby booties, earrings, blankets, fingerless gloves, dishcloths, headbands, necklaces, and many more ideas for things I want to add!  My shop can be found here:

I'm e-mailing you to ask you to please, please, please look at my shop so you can see what I have made and then tell your friends about it!  Please forward this message to everyone you know:)  Even people who you might not think would need my stuff...You never know who they need to buy gifts for!  Please, family, friends, everyone!

I'm also asking you to go to Facebook and "like" my business page.  It can be found here:

Thank you all SO much!!!

Side note:  I read this to Devin to see if it made sense and he said to take out the "please, please, please" and just put one because I sound desperate.  Well, I am!  I am shamelessly asking for help!  I really need to get the word out and advertising is SO expensive!  So...if you could help me I would REALLY appreciate it!


**********If you do this for me, let me know and I'll give you a code for 15% OFF any purchase in my shop!**********

Monday, November 28, 2011

10 Points

Guess what Devin said today when he got home from work and saw that I was still in the middle of making dinner and that 2 of our 3 kids were crying and that the toy room was a mess and that I was pretty much completely frazzled...

He said, "What can I do to help?"

Did you guess that?  10 points if you did.  He got about 100 point for saying it.

Yeah, he is amazing.  It was so wonderful that he offered to help instead of criticizing for dinner not being done or any thing else he might mention.

There have been a few instances when he walked in and the first words he said to me were something like, "Why does the house smell weird?" or, "Did you make sure the cereal was on sale before you bought it?" or, my favorite, "What did you do all day?" (Men, take note:  That last one is seriously the worst thing a man can say when he gets home to his wife and house full of kids.)

It is unbelievable the difference it makes when the first words he speaks are kind.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Peaches 2011

Annual Utah peach canning day

This year Devin and I canned 28 jars all by ourselves!  Like, no help from one of our mothers.  We felt so grown up!

Devin making the syrup:
1/4 c sugar
1 tsp fruit fresh
start with 1 c hot water
 The set up:
big pot for blanching peaches
steam canner
bowl for transporting peaches from pot to cold water in sink to be peeled
putting in jars
 about ready to go in the canner
 Devin and his creepy molester face
Aren't they pretty?!  They sure are yummy!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pant-less Cowboy

Henry practicing his cutting skills
with Daddy's cowboy hat
and without pants

 "Lemme see!"

 Harry Potter glasses
 And again, no pants.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Jaxon's first Halloween (he was only 3 weeks old for his real first Halloween) he wore this lion outfit.  Henry then wore it for his first Halloween too.  I got it out to wash it for Ollie to wear it and Henry thought  it would still fit him.  Even after putting it on and seeing how it obviously didn't fit him, he still thought it did.  
And, yes, Jaxon has a fanny pack.  He pretends it is his Flynn Ryder satchel.  It was in the Halloween box from when Devin was a hideous lion tamer...

Here the boys are pretending to be Flynn and ride Maximus on a chair they overturned...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Little Teeth

Poor Ollie is the happiest baby so when his teeth come in we see a whole new side of him.  A side that cries, barely.  He wines and cries a little, but mostly sits and sucks his thumb.

This baby and his happy demeanor are wonderful blessings!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

St George

On our way up to Utah for a family reunion we stopped at Del Taco for dinner.  We specifically chose Del Taco because they had a kids play place.  But, the play place was closed and that was a bummer.  You certainly can't tell from the look on Henry's face that he is bummed about it.  

Beautiful St. George Temple
 On Sunday we went to sacrament meeting at the first building we could find.  It just so happened to be a senior branch.  So our family was the only one with kids.  It was the quietest meeting I have ever been to!  Luckily, our kids were exceptionally good that week so we didn't stand out too much.  After the meeting an old guy even came up and said our kids were "so well behaved."  

That's Henry with a beanie baby bear inside Devin's church shoe.  He told Devin to take off his shoe and then used it for a boat for his Yogi Bear.  What an imagination!
Ollie was such a trooper in the car
 Henry was so tired he fell asleep at dinner.  He actually does the frequently, while still chewing.
 We went to the dinosaur track museum.  Yes, a dinosaur track museum, not a dinosaur museum.  Not as cool.
 Trying Origami at the museum

 Teething on the chair
 I sat behind the boys for a while because other people were in the van with us.  Here's a few with my super excited kids...

And that's all the pictures I got from our trip.  For all the stuff we did, I should have taken more.  But some of the other fun things we did include:

Grocery shopping at Harmon's (the best grocery store ever).

My own alone time at Robert's Arts and Crafts!  Amazing!

Seeing Devin's grandma, grandpa, aunt, cousin, cousin's husband, and their cute baby.

Swimming in the condo ice cold pool then jumping in the jacuzzi and back in the pool.

Running what felt like 5 miles on a giant hill, but then realizing it was only 2.

Showering in an awesome shower without a door in hot water!  (At home our shower is so far away from the water heater the water doesn't get as hot as I would like it.  "Turn the heat up" you say, but in the kitchen, right next to the water heater, the water will just about scald your flesh so we don't want to do that.)

Sleeping in a KING sized bed.  One of the loves of my life.  Some day we will upgrade.

Seeing my amazing friend Lacee and her itty-bitty baby who was born super early.  Little baby Olivia is sure blessed to have such and amazing mommy!

Getting 2 pairs of running shoes and 4 pairs of running socks for $125!  What a steal of a deal at the outlets in Laughlin!  We stayed there on our drive home so we wouldn't have to do it all at once.

Getting woken up an average of 5 times a night because of Ollie's teeth coming in--SO sad!

Getting woken up about 5 times because of second hand cigarette smoke seeping through the door from the room next door during our night in Laughlin.  I guess that's what you get for being too poor to afford a nice hotel and falling for the cheap rooms in a casino.

Seeing Josh and Joy and their family (My personal highlight of the trip!  It might be Devin's too, but then again it might come second to his Harmon's shopping.)


Oh, yeah, and fixing a flat tire!  Maybe we are jinxed because on our last family vacation (only a few months ago) we got a flat tire too!  This time instead of it being blazing hot, it was really cold because it was really late at night and just off the mountain outside of Fredonia.  I broke down at that point.  Devin was a champ, of course.  I just couldn't believe it happened to us again!  On another long road trip!  But, after Devin got the spare on and pronounced it "pretty low" we said a desperate prayer and went along on our way.  After the prayer I did feel peace that we would arrive safely and we did!  It definitely was a blessing of safety and peace because I was so nervous about that spare!

It was a great trip and we had a lot of fun!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Y Workout and Swim

Because we live a pretty good distance from a city library, museums, parks, etc, there's not much to do close to our house.  Plus it is blazing hot in the summer so activities are limited to pretty much indoors.  So, we go swimming at the Y a few days a week.  I work out while the kids go in the play place and then we all swim together.  Sometimes the boys are so crazy in our little stall while we try to eat our snack and change into our swim suits.  It probably seems extra crazy because I am usually tired from my workout.  But, on this day, they were exceptionally good.  
It seems like every time I go another mother comments on how I am brave for bringing all 3 boys to swim. It is quite a circus sometimes, but I don't want to live my life barricaded in my house because I have 3 children ages 4 and under.  And sometimes we do make a scene, but all kids do.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ruining My Life

Today Jaxon said to me, "You're ruining my life!"  I want to remember he said that at age 4.  Yes, age 4.  As in f-o-u-r.  Like, after 3 and before 5.  I thought it was something teenagers say.  I literally laughed out loud when he said it because I couldn't believe it.  I even said, "What?" so he would repeat it and I could make sure it was really what I thought I heard.  People tell me that girls are dramatic, but I say Jaxon is pretty dramatic.

He said it because I told him he could not have more blueberries until he had eaten his cauliflower.  I guess that would ruin a person's life.  How could I?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Holiday Decorations

I've got a question:  When putting out holiday decorations, do you put away your usual decorations?

See, we have a big picture of Christ on our mantel.  Now I want to decorate that space for Halloween, but I just don't feel right putting spider webs and skulls around a picture of Christ.  So I guess I'll take down the Christ picture for the month of October...???

What do my fellow decorators think?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Labor Day

Since Devin works a full time job, a part time job, and is working on getting his masters degree 2 classes at a time, he doesn't have many days "off."  And by "off" I mean where he doesn't have to be any of the above mentioned places the whole day.
So, we were very excited that he was off on Labor Day.
We went to one of our favorite places to go as a family...
Johnny Rockets!

Then we played in the fountain outside.  The weather was nice and the boys were so entertained by the fountain, so Devin and I sat with Ollie and talked while we watched the boys play.  


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ollie the Little Oliver

All I can say is that I just think he is the cutest little baby!!!  
I mean, I know all parents think their kids are cute, but really?  
Is he not just so adorable?!?!?!

 Almost crawling...
 When he gets sleepy he sucks his thumb.

 Jaxon (with his Harry Potter glasses) loving on his little baby!

I am so so so blessed to have these boys!


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