Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Love/Hate Relationships

So I realized recently that I have a few love/hate relationships in my life...

1.  Costco
Definitely LOVE this place.  I enjoy getting mass quantities of products that I only have to buy once a year because they'll last that long.  I always see things I don't NEED there, but I totally WANT.  I wish I could have like a million dollar gift card to that place so I could get some fun thing along with the stuff we need.  

I hate how much money I spend there!  It's ridiculous!  I go in that place for two items and come out with about 100.  I don't know how they do it, but I think it's the most successful up-selling store I know of.  Maybe it's the samples...

2.  Long Days
I LOVE when the sun gets up early and goes down late.  It's so nice to have a long day and get lots accomplished.

BUT, it's so hard to get the kiddos to sleep when the sun is still up!  Henry usually goes down about 7:00 and Jaxon 7:30, but since the sun is still up then, they think they need to be awake still!  Then, it happens in the morning too...they're up at the crack of dawn!  When is a mom supposed to have her own time if the kids aren't sleeping long enough!?  Jaxon has blackout curtains in his room, so those help, but they're not in Henry's room.  I need to put ups some super classy foil or something!  But the thing about that is, then it's dark in the daytime and I don't like that either.  

I thought of another while at WalMart today...

3.  Spiderman
I guess I don't really love Spiderman, but I think it's super cute when Jaxon gets excited about pretty much anything with Spidey on it.  I think Jaxon would love it if we found Spiderman toilet paper!  

I hate that Spiderman is everywhere!  Every time a turn a corner at the store, pretty much any store, there he is in some form.  Just from my venture to the store yesterday, here are a few of the things a saw:  beach towels, pool toys, goggles, whole bathroom set:  trash can, cup, toothbrush holder, ice packs, tons of clothes, sheets, blankets, curtains, lamps, pillows, and there was so much more!  You name it, they slap Spidey's face on it and the kids will go crazy!  There is no escaping him!  This leads to multiple fits (or at least sadness) from Jaxon when I don't purchase everything in the store related to Spiderman.  What it is about him anyway?  I think all little boys I know love him!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why I Love Sundays

Just a few things I love about Sundays...
1.  Seeing my cute boys (all 3 of them) in their white shirts.
2.  After church, Jaxon trying to sing the songs he learned in nursery--so cute!
3.  I don't have to feel guilty for relaxing instead of cleaning.
4.  It's a nice, calm day--not busy.
5.  Knowing that even though my husband is gone most of the day, it's because he is serving the Lord.  
6.  Seeing all the fun people in our ward and knowing what a great support they all are.
7.  And, of course, feeling so uplifted after attending my meetings!  (I definitely need a weekly recharge!)

What a great day!

Friday, April 24, 2009

If You Live in Copper Basin...Read This

Yes, folks, that's a rusty razor blade.  I found it in the sand at the park in phase 4.  

How did I find it, you ask?  (Someone really did ask, so I'll let you know.)  I was walking around the play equipment to the other side where Jaxon was going to be emerging from the slide.  When I looked down at the sand where he would be landing when he came out, I saw it sticking up about half way out of the sand.  I thought it looked like something sharp, so I picked it up and then realized what it was.  He coulda stepped on it right there if I hadn't seen it.  He was wearing his shoes, but yikes!

(Kinda funny how it's like the exact color as our tile.  Now when I'm describing the color of our flooring, I can say, "Oh, it's rusty razor blade brown."  Perfect description.)

I remember when I was a kid and my mom always made me wear shoes at the park and I hated it.  I always knew there could be something in the sand, but finding this...scary.  

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Movie Recommendations

17 Again
LOVED it!  It stars my crush, Zac Efron, and it's SO funny!  I didn't know I'd be laughing so much.

Yes Man
I really liked it.  It's very funny and makes you take a look at your own life and consider, "Am I really living?"  You know, like, "Am I taking opportunities and allowing yourself to have fun experiences?"  

One girl said something like,  "The world is a playground.  Adults forget somewhere along the way."  I like that.

Though, there was one scene we were warned about so we skipped it.  It's with an old lady--if you see it you'll know.

Also, check out this site for movie ratings:


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