Friday, December 31, 2010

Wednesday, December 29, 2010... Oliver's birthday!

2:07 am
8 pounds
20 inches

We are in love with him!

Pics & birth story to come...

Monday, December 27, 2010

My Ticker is Wrong

My baby is not 4 days old.  He's not even 1 day old.  Or one hour.  He's still not born.

I have had over 150 contractions over 3 days that have been within 2 to 5 minutes apart, but they have not caused serious labor.  (Those are just the number we've kept track of.)  The most frustrating part about it is that with Jaxon and Henry as soon as I started having contractions that close, I was in labor.  I never had false labor so 3 times now I thought we would be heading to the hospital.  Each time, within minutes of giving a few people the heads up (to come to the hospital or to come get the kids), the contractions just stopped out of the blue.

Physically, I am doing good.  I've been more tired than usual because we have been walking every day, a few times a day.  Oh, and Henry has not been sleeping good, so that doesn't help.  Devin and I were sick from both ends on Christmas Eve, which was not fun, but luckily we were feeling better the next morning for the rest of the holiday activities (besides the middle of the day when I had to lie down for a while).  I am thankful I didn't have the baby when Devin was sick.  I need him to be there for me through labor and of course I always feel bad when he's sick.  I am also glad Oliver wasn't born on Christmas Eve or Christmas.  I don't think either day would make a fun birthday.

At my appointment today I actually really liked the doctor.  She was upbeat and didn't say a single thing about my blood sugar numbers.  She didn't even ask for them.  I wanted her to check me and strip the membranes.  That was more serious than I remember with Jaxon.  (It didn't do anything for Jax, so I figured if Oliver still isn't ready, it wouldn't do anything for him either so I don't see any harm in trying.  Though any other induction methods (besides the natural ones we can do at home) I avoid.)  When she checked me, she seemed surprised when she laughed and said that I was a "3, almost 4."  She said she felt like I was almost there and she could just break my water and I'd go right into labor.  I was glad to hear that all those contractions were at least doing something.  The doc thinks once real labor starts, it won't take long.

Jaxon was a week overdue.  Henry came on his due date.  Mentally, I was prepared for this baby to come early and I think that has made each passing day harder.  I shouldn't have been set on an early delivery.  He's only 3 days "late" so I should just relax and let him prepare and enjoy my last hours as a mother of 2.  Because, let's be real, sometimes 2 kids seem like 10.  And 10 is already a lot.  And I'm asking for more:)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

No Christmas Baby

I'm still pregnant.

But I do have stories to tell when I have a minute.  Hopefully tomorrow...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No Baby Yet

My lack of daily posts isn't because we have a newborn around here...  It's because Devin is off work so our daily routine is a little different so I don't have my usual time to update.

So here's a little baby yet!  I had hoped he'd be here by now, but now that it's so close to Christmas, I almost hope he holds out until after.  But, he'll come when he's ready and I don't really have any say in the matter!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Nana's Cookies

These are some cookies the boys made with Nana.
Look at these goofballs!  They sure love going to Nana and Papa's house!

And we made it through the weekend without a baby yet...

Friday, December 17, 2010

San Tan Flats

This past weekend we went to San Tan Flats for family dinner Friday night.  It was so much fun!  The restaurant is inside, but you can take your food outside and eat by a fire.  Then, you can roast marshmallows.  They usually have a band play on the weekends, but there wasn't one there the night we went.  The food was surprisingly not overpriced either!

The boys loved the fires and being outside.  It was a fun family night out!
Thanks Elisha and Josh for the gift card!

And today is my LAST DAY doing daycare!!!  Hallelujah!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Brain Regan Anniversary

Happy 6th Anniversary to us!  Our anniversary isn't actually until the 18th, but we went on an early date to see Brian Regan because we love him.

Before the show, dinner at Buca Di Beppo, of course!  Our favorite!
Our fabulous friends, Steve and Kiera, who also went to Brian Regan, came to dinner with us since we weren't sitting by each other for the show.

This is a picture in Buca...
Is this not the best picture you've ever seen?!  
That one little boy is holding up that little girl's dress so the other little boy can take a picture of it!  I cracked up when I saw it!

We got to the show really early so we decided to walk a few blocks to McDonald's for ice cream.  It was a scary few blocks.  At McDonald's we were asked for a quarter by a scary homeless man.  We gave it to him and he threw it on the ground.  We're pretty sure he was crazy.  

We loved seeing Brian Regan this past weekend.  He is so hilarious!

One of his best sets was when he was talking about getting old and how his body is changing...absolutely hilarious!

Also, he was talking about telling his kid to stop swinging spaghetti noodles around by his mouth:
"Don't you know the paint on the walls is more important than the joy in your heart?  Wipe that smile off your face and start acting like an adult!"

It just hit me more as a real reminder instead of a joke.  He's right.  Sometimes I forget that my kids are kids and not just small adults.  They deserve to act like kids!

Finally Haircuts!

Look at my little boy!  He looks so grown up!
 And Jaxon got a "fish head" haircut, but we didn't gel it up for the picture.
 Reading together.
  These brothers are best friends!
(And no, Jaxon doesn't suck his thumb.  He just happened to have it in his mouth when Devin snapped the picture.)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

38 Week Appt

So...I went to the doctor yesterday and it didn't go very well again.  She didn't like that I didn't poke myself this week.  I don't want to relive it all, but it ended with me agreeing to do my pokes so she wouldn't order me to the hospital to do testing.  Ug, I just wanted out of there.  I don't know why I keep seeing her.  The nurse even told me to see a different doctor.  I love the nurse.  So if I make it to next week's appointment, at least I won't be seeing this lady again!

She asked me if I wanted to set an appointment to be induced next week.  I told her I didn't want to be induced and she didn't push it.  She did check me and said I'm 50% effaced, 2.5 centimeters, and he's at a 0 station.  She doesn't think it'll be much longer.  I'm totally ready to hold my little guy!

Candy Cane

Making candy cane ornaments with wire and beads.
Goal:  cut Henry's hair this week!

Lost Dutchman Marathon

I found out about the Lost Dutchman Marathon today and think I'd rather do this instead of the PF Chang.  I like that the Lost Dutchman is more rural rather than all street running.  I wanna try it!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sewing Stockings

I decided to make stockings this year.  
Daddy, Mommy, Jaxon, Henry, and Oliver!

I have one more sewing project to finish before the baby comes.  I started all of these because I wanted some projects to keep me busy during these last months of pregnancy.  It worked!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Car Seat Cover

Oliver isn't going to own very many new things since he's got 2 older brothers.  But, I wanted to make the car seat look new for him.  So, I decided to recover it.  I found a tutorial online that helped a little, but basically I had to make my own pattern and figure it out myself.  It was a serious project!  But, I love the way it came out!  The fabric is so cute with turquoise and brown paisleys.  

 I didn't really think these covers were necessary, but then I heard someone talking about how the greeter at Walmart tried touching their newborn in the car seat and that convinced me having a cover was a good idea.  

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cricut for Sale

I have a Cricut Expression that I want to sell.  It has never been opened.  It costs $225 on Amazon.  I'll sell it for $195.

Plus, I also have 4 font cartridges that are unopened that I want to sell.  They are $25 to $30 on Amazon.  I'll sell them for $20 each or if you want all 4, I'll sell for $60 total.

If you want it all, I'll take $240 for it.

The cartridges are:  All Mixed Up, Doodletype, Jasmine, and Simply Sweet.

38 Weeks!

I am excited to have about 2 weeks left!  I know due dates aren't exact, but once I get to 38 weeks I feel like I will be meeting my baby SO soon and it could be any time!  The doctor commented at the last appointment about his head being down and really low.  I can definitely feel the pressure down there.  Sometimes when I get up it feels like he's just gonna fall out!  I don't know how people fit more than one baby in there sometimes!  Our hospital bags are ready but the car seat isn't ready yet.  I recovered it and still need to do one final thing before it's completely done.  I better get on it!

I feel really blessed because a friend of mine's sister was pregnant with twins and had a "bleed" like I did and she lost both babies.  I know there are many women who suffer the pain of loosing a baby and my heart aches for them.  I am SO thankful my body was able to heal and that I will be holding my baby soon!  I think parenthood is the hardest but also most amazing job in the world.  Little children can teach us so much as we try to teach them.  I am so thankful Devin and I have been trusted with a few of Heavenly Father's special spirits to raise and love.  After my wonderful husband, my little kiddos are my greatest blessing!

And I'm so excited because tomorrow Devin and I are going to see Brian Regan!  He is hilarious!  We went a few years ago and absolutely loved it so I got us tickets for our anniversary this year.  I can't believe we've been married for 6 years.  It's funny to think that now a days many marriages don't last more than a few years.  We've still got eternity to go!  What a blessing that as long as we keep our covenants, we will be together even after we die.  And our children too.  What's better than that?  I say nothing.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Funny Faces

I was looking through the pictures from our last Disneyland trip and noticed a few where Henry is making some funny faces.

This is the best one...I love the way he is looking at Tigger!  He looks like he is scared for his life!
"Baby Elvis" face
"I shouldn't have eaten that sand" face
"Who is this guy in green tights?" face
"I wanna be a model" face
I want to go back to Disneyland!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Doc Appt & The Singing House

I had my 37 week visit yesterday.  The doctor said the baby had grown since my last visit.  She felt all around my belly and thinks he's small--not even 6 pounds yet she said.  That's fine with me.  (One of the symptoms of someone with gestational diabetes is having a "big baby." Hm...)

Oh, my favorite part of the visit was when she looked at my blood sugar numbers and asked if I made them up.  I couldn't believe it.  I was so insulted.  Wow.  When she saw my reaction to her accusation she said she was joking.  I think she was trying to call me out but then realized I really was telling the truth.  They were so low she didn't believe they were real.  Well, lady, I don't tell lies and I do not like when people question my integrity.

Between the time that the nurse took me to the room and the doc came in I heard them talking in the hall...

Doc, "Did she give you her numbers?"
Nurse, "Who?  What numbers?"
Doc, "Miss Ruthann.  Her blood sugar levels.  She's diabetic."

I wonder if the doctor even read my whole chart because it was never confirmed nor was I diagnosed with gestational diabetes since I could not complete the test.  We were only testing my blood sugar to see what they would be like over a couple of weeks instead of attempting the test again.

Ug, I can just feel the attitude oozing out of this post.  I am so moody lately.  My blog probably seems really negative and boring to read.  Part of it is because I'm stuck at home all day with daycare kids and don't get any social time whatsoever except on Saturdays if we go out and a little at church on Sunday so I'm not super chipper lately.  I hope it's mostly from the pregnancy hormones and I can be back to normal in a few weeks!

Some good news though...December 17 is my last day watching kids!  I CAN.NOT.WAIT!!!  Then at the end of January I will have one little girl back, but she will just be two days a week.  I think I can handle that.  And if not, I won't have to.

After sorting out our priorities, Devin and I decided the best thing for our family is that I stop watching kids.  I don't necessarily think that watching kids is a bad thing, but for ME it's not a good thing.  I can not give my own kids the attention I want to with other kids here and it kills me.

I read this in an old church manual and loved it...

I tied the napkin around Fred’s neck and placed before him his glass of orange juice, his cereal, his big glass of foamy milk. In my own opinion I classified among the superior mothers whose children are brought up in the approved manner of an enlightened day. Fred ate it all dutifully and then slipped down from his chair.

‘Now can I go over to Jimmy’s, Mother?’ he asked.

‘But Fred,’ I remonstrated, ‘you were over there yesterday, yes, and the day before. Why not have Jimmy come here today?’

‘Oh, he wouldn’t want to.’ Fred’s lip quivered in spite of his six years of manhood. ‘Please, mother.’

‘Why do you like Jimmy’s house better than ours, son?’ I pursued. It came to me suddenly that Fred and all his companions were always wanting to go to Jimmy’s house.

‘Why,’ he explained hesitantly, ‘it’s ‘cause—it’s ‘cause Jimmy’s house is a singing house.’

‘A singing house?’ I questioned. ‘Now what do you mean by that?’

‘Well,’ Fred was finding it hard to explain, ‘Jimmy’s mother hums when she sews; and Annie-in-the-kitchen, she sings when she cuts out cookies; and Jimmy’s daddy always whistles when he comes home.’ Fred stopped a moment and added, ‘Their curtains are rolled clear up and there’s flowers in the windows. All the boys like Jimmy’s house, mother.’

‘You may go, son,’ I said quickly. I wanted him out of the way so I could think.

I looked around my house. Everyone told me how lovely it was. There were oriental rugs. We were paying for them on installments. That was why there wasn’t any Annie-in-the kitchen here. We were paying for the overstuffed furniture and the car that way, also. Perhaps that was why Fred’s daddy didn’t whistle when he came in the house.

I put on my hat and went over to Jimmy’s house, even if it was 
ten o’clock and Saturday morning. It came to me that Mrs. Burton would not mind being interrupted in the middle of the morning. She never seemed to be in a hurry. She met me at the door with a towel around her head.

‘Oh, come in. I have just finished the living room. No indeed, you are not interrupting. I’ll just take off this headdress and be right in.’

While I waited, I looked around. The rugs were almost threadbare; the curtains, dotted Swiss, ruffled and tied back; the furniture, old and scarred but freshened with new cretonnes. A table with a bright cover held a number of late magazines. In the window were hanging baskets of ivy and wandering Jew, while a bird warbled from his cage hanging in the sun. Homey, that was the effect.

The kitchen door was open and I saw Jerry, the baby, sitting on the clean linoleum, watching Annie as she pinched together the edges of an apple pie. She was singing; singing “Springtime in the
 Rockies .”

Mrs. Burton came in smiling. ‘Well,’ she asked, ‘what is it? For I know you came for something; you are such a busy woman.’

‘Yes,’ I said abruptly, ‘I came to see what a singing house is like.’

Mrs. Burton looked puzzled. ‘Why, what do you mean?’

‘Fred says he loves to come here because you have a singing house. I begin to see what he means.’

‘What a wonderful compliment!’ Mrs. Burton’s face flushed. ‘But of course my house doesn’t compare with yours. Everyone says you have the loveliest house in town.’

‘But it isn’t a singing house,’ I objected. ‘It’s just a house without a soul. Tell me how you came to have one.’

‘Well,’ smiled Mrs. Burton, ‘if you really want to know. You see, John doesn’t make much. I don’t think he ever will. He isn’t the type. We have to cut somewhere, and we decided on nonessentials. I am not very strong and when Jerry came we decided Annie was an essential if the children were to have a cheerful mother. Then there are books, magazines, and music.’ She pointed to the radio. ‘These are things the children can keep inside. They can’t be touched by fire or reverses so we decided they were essentials. Of course good wholesome food is another essential, but we don’t buy things out of season, and our bills are not large. The children’s clothes are very simple and I make them. But when all these things are paid for, there doesn’t seem to be much left for rugs and furniture. But we find we get almost as much pleasure from our long country walks, with Jerry in her buggy, as we would in a car, especially if we had to worry about financing it. We don’t go into debt if we can avoid it. Moreover, we are happy’, she concluded.

‘I see,’ I said thoughtfully. I looked over at Jerry and Fred in the corner. They had manufactured a train out of match boxes and were loading it with wheat. They were scattering it a good deal, but wheat is clean and wholesome.

I went home. My oriental rugs looked faded. I snapped my curtains to the top of the windows, but the light was subdued as it came through the silken draperies. The overstuffed couch looked bulky, and not nearly so inviting as Mrs. Burton’s old day-bed with pillows you were not afraid to use. My house was not a singing house. I determined to make it sing.

I think this story has such a great lesson and I always want to remember it.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Marathon Records

I watched a little clip about famous people who have run a marathon.

The record holder is Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie.  In 2008 he ran it in 2:03:59!  That's an average of about 4:44 minute miles!!!  That is amazing!

The female record holder is Paula Radcliffe from England.  In 2003 she ran it in 2:15:25!  I can't imagine running that fast for that long!  She was 30 years old at the time of the race.

Katie Holmes - 5:30 (2007)
Oprah - 4:29:15 (1994)
Debbie Downer - 4:15 (2010)
P. Diddy - 4:14:54 (2003)
Sarah Palin - 3:59:36 (2005)
Ruthann - 3:57:10 (2010)
George W Bush - 3:44:52 (1993)
Lance Armstrong - 2:59:36 (2006) & 2:46:43 (2007) 
He said finishing a marathon was the hardest thing he has ever done.

I think I'd like to run another marathon.  I really want to be able to say that I qualified for Boston.  I need to get a better time by about 16 minutes.  I think it's doable.  But, then I remember how I felt like death for the last 6 miles when I ran it and kept telling myself I'd never do it again.  My training schedule only went up to 18 miles though.  I think next time I'll go up to about 24 so 26 won't seem like so much more than anything I've previously done in training.  So, obviously I won't be running in January 2011 PF Chang, but maybe the 2012.  Anyone interested in joining me?

Oh how I can't wait to be thin again!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Reoccurring Dream

Every pregnancy I have had the same reoccurring dream that I'm constipated.  It's pretty annoying.  It's not a problem I have during pregnancy, but dreaming about it isn't fun.  I think it's because of trying to push out the baby blah, blah, get it.

Do you mommies have strange pregnancy dreams?  Any reoccurring ones?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Trim the Tree

The Sunday after Thanksgiving was the perfect day to put up the tree.  I wish we could have a real tree, but we decided the money to buy a tree could be put to better use this year.  Plus, they are pretty messy.  A Bath and Body Works "Fresh Balsam" Wall Flower will have to do for the pine scent.  (Have you ever smelled it?  It's just like a real tree!  So yummy!)

 This is our 6th Christmas since we've been married and we still haven't purchased a tree topper or a tree skirt.  Last year, we made this topper and I love it more than anything we could buy so we'll use it as long as we can!

 Mommy untangling lights and looking just fabulous!  (sarcasm)
Those boys love having a mini tree to decorate too.
 Daddy felt like dancing to the Christmas music and Henry thought it was great!
 Jaxon preferred to hang out under the tree for a while.
Yea for Christmas!  I can't believe it has been a year since last Christmas!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holidays = Family Time

After having family dinner at Elisha's, we had a few activities to do.
Henry kept busy with the stickers.
 Devin and Mom tried making candy canes.  It was a fun activity, but without a candy thermometer, they didn't come out quite right.  But it was really fun doing it together!

 Somehow, Henry knew it was candy and immediately wanted a taste.
Next, Nana cut out cookies with the boys.  
 Jaxon loves doing projects!
 So cute!
 Look at his little apron!
 Time to decorate!
We sure do love spending time with family.  The holidays are such a wonderful time of the year!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Wednesday, we went to my parents for an actual turkey.  No tofurkey this year!  The kids stayed with Granny and Gramps while Devin and I went to see Harry Potter.  It was a much needed date!

Thursday we went to Devin's family's Thanksgiving feast and traditional pie contest, of course!  Devin got first place!  He made a "Candy Apple Pie" with apples, carmel, roasted pecans, and chocolate.  Delicious!
I was a judge and it was difficult!  All these pies were yummy!

 Nana and Henry and Uncle Mark.  Uncle Mark has 2 turkeys and chickens that the boys love visiting.  They chase the turkeys and it's hilarious to watch those birds run!
After stuffing ourselves for the second day in a row, we played some family football.  I watched and Devin shouldn't have played because of his ribs, but he couldn't resist.  They had a great time.  He asked if I was impressed about his performance.  It was cute that he still wants to impress me:)  I sure love that guy!  And our families!  

This year, I'm especially thankful for:
My husband--he is truly my best friend in the world and without his support I wouldn't be able to do all that I do.
My kids--who despite the trouble they give me, are the reason I get up every morning and bring me more happiness than I ever could have known.
The Gospel--without it, I would feel lost and with it I know my purpose and my potential and the blessings I will receive if I do what is right.
My body--though right now it is uncomfortable, it is serving its purpose and is capable of doing amazing things.  


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