Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

Jaxon is putting stickers on his ornament.

Ever Christmas since we've been married I have searched for a tree topper.  Devin and I both prefer a star for the top of our tree but, I have not found a single one that I like.

After an unsuccessful search again this year, I decided didn't want the top to be bare again so pulled out some craft supplies and make one.  I used a paper towel roll with a cut out paper star (doubled for reinforcement) and some "warm fuzzies" to decorate it.

Jaxon was a great helper, but sadly got 2 hot glue burns in the process.

Here he is putting it on the top of the tree!

Though I love ornaments that match with a cute color scheme and make the tree look so pretty, I really like ornaments that mean something the best.  Here are some of my favorite...

Here is the one Jaxon was making.  He put half of each of the 4 stickers packages on his ornament.  As you can see, quite a few overlapped.  What a silly boy!  I could have "fixed" it, but the way he chose to do it is what makes it so cute and special.  It didn't need to be "fixed."

This is a baby Jesus that Devin made.

I'm not a big fan of these glass ornaments, but this one I love because it was from our first Christmas together. <3

This is an ornament I sent Devin while he was on his mission.  When I sent it I remember wondering if it would be on OUR tree someday.

This is a cute ornament from the Epcot Center in Florida.  We went there at Christmas time in 2007 with Devin's family.  We had a blast!  I love how she has a little baby--so cute!

This is from San Diego.  I bought it when Devin was selling pest control there over the summer.  I love it because it is a snowman made with sand!  Plus, it's a cute girl sandwoman with a flower in her hair and a grass skirt and lei.

We got this ornament on our honeymoon in Laughlin, Nevada (remember, we were married December 18--right in the middle of the holiday season).  I don't really recommend going to Laughlin.  It's basically a mini Vegas, and for a Mormon, there's just not much to do.  Luckily, since we were on our honeymoon we could keep ourselves busy without even leaving our room...

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The Bottjer Family said...

Very cute. This year the top of my tree is decorated, but there aren't any ornaments on it at all! Landon has taken a liking to taking ornaments off and throwing/breaking them.... so our tree is bare this year. I may just put them all on on Christmas Eve after he goes to bed so the tree is pretty for pictures on Christmas Day. I am bummed, but maybe next year we can have them back.... but then again Tyler might be in that phase! AGH!


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