Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hand Delivered Christmas Gift?

Nope.  Today I was hand delivered my photo red light ticket--ugg!

It's my first ticket and I knew it flashed me when it happened.  It was taken on Halloween and I was SO mad!  I hate those things!  At least when you get pulled over you can plead with the officer to NOT give you the ticket.  These machines have no mercy!  Hate them!

Merry Christmas to me!

Oh, and that little bride and groom glass ornament I posted about a few days ago... Henry dropped it on the tile and it broke.  I saw that he had it, but went to the washroom to drop a dirty towel in the basket and when ran back to him and it was too late.  :(  At least he had this cute little smile on his face though!

AND... Tomorrow is my last long run before the marathon!  Yea!  It's 18 miles for the second time.  Actually, last week I thought about only having one long run left and was kind of sad.  I really enjoy being out in the beautiful weather for a good three to three and a half hours once a week.  I feel so free while I'm out there running all over the place.

Today when I ran I was having a killer pain behind my right knee.  I mean, it was bad.  I had to stop a few times and usually I'm able to run through any pains I'm having.  It started about mile 16 last week, but today it was there right when I started running.  That's pretty much terrible news because I have come this far without an injury and it would be SO sad if this keeps me from being able to race.  I'll be taking pain killers tomorrow for sure!

I better get to bed!

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Connie said...

Oh MAN! I wanted to tell ya where to get those shoes... but now I have a bunch to say. Sorry about the ornament, that's a bummer! At least you got a picture of it, right?
And tickets in the mail are the worst- I got one once but they had some other ladys head in the picture and my car- so I didn't have to pay, thank goodness.
K, when I had a pain like that I bought a knee brace and it seemed to help. I didn't have one during my 10mile race though so I had to take my ipod strap and wrap it under my knee- and even that helped. Watch out - cause you could really hurt yourself if you push it too hard! So fun though- I wish I were doing this marathon. Awesome.
Anyway, go to American Eagle- that's where I got those for Tony. (;


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