Monday, December 7, 2009

Gym Thoughts

My mind tends to wander while I'm on the treadmill.  These are some of the thoughts that occupied my mind during my past few runs...

Sweat on chapped hands
Since winter has come in AZ my hands have been so dry and recently they got so bad they cracked in a few spots.  When I run and my hands start sweating it burns my poor little knuckles.

Sweat drops making me itch
As my body gets warmed up and my head starts sweating I can feel the little droplets running down my scalp and it so itchy!  Until my whole head is damp with sweat, I am constantly scratching!

Sweat on my earphones
Another sweat issue...One thing I love is when I drop my earphones for a bit and when I put them back in they are all wet from the sweat dripping down them (sarcasm, in case you didn't catch it).

Heart rate reader on Treadmill
There is one treadmill at the Y that's a little shady.  When it's not being used it flashes an estimated heart rate.  The rest of the machines sit with a blank screen.  I just wonder what's up with that...

Guess What They Look Like game
A little game I like to play is to try to guess what the people look like on the machines in front of me.  At our Y, the elliptical machines are behind the bikes and the treadmills are behind the elliptical machines.  So, if I get there and people are working out on the machines in front of me, I try to guess what they look like.  It's kinda entertaining.

Shower curtain
I discovered that showering at the Y is the greatest idea.  If I shower at home I have to worry about the boys...are they going to get hurt, fight, raid the candy bowl, etc.  I could shower when Henry naps and Jaxon watches a movie, but then I'm using precious "my time" to shower.  So, I leave the boys in the kids center for a few extra minutes and enjoy a worry-free shower all to myself.  But...the shower curtains are in desperate need of replacements.  The holes at the top that the rings go through are breaking and the metal rings are rusting.  They don't stay closed very well because of the broken holes unless you stuff it between your stall and the next.  It works, but I figure with what people pay per month for a membership, they can afford to get new curtains.

I was told that marathoners often lose toenails.  Well, I was doing good until this past week with the 2nd 16 miler.  The toes next to my big toes on both feet feel like they are going to lose their nails.  It's kinda freaking me out.  It hurts to wear socks and really hurts when little Henry steps on them.  I'm not sure what to do about it.  I don't think my shoes are too small.  They have been fine all this time.  I thought it was just from running so many miles.  Does anyone know of a solution?  Do tell.  Please!

Gu is my new best friend.  Chocolate is so yummy:)

My Oma (means Grandma in German) is the best.  She watches the kids pretty much every Saturday so I can do my long run.  (Devin has wrestling practice.)  I love her and she is fabulous!

6 more weeks of training and then it's the RACE!!!


Jaron & Abby said...

That is such a good idea to shower at the gym while the kids are in the day care! Seriously I get anxiety when I am in the shower at home and the kids are left alone.

shirley elizabeth said...

ALWAYS on my long runs it feels like my nails are going to come off. I have to keep my toenails cut all the way to the nub. It's not attractive, but it's helped me. Once Mike and I were on a run in the mountains and my toes started killing and I stopped to use his pocket knife to cut them back.

Gu makes me sick. At least it did the one time I tried using it.

Wow you're so close!

Thorne Family said...

WOW! I don't know how you can run so long by yourself at the gym! I get bored. I have to run with someone and talk to them the whole time! I'm sure they enjoy that! Keep it up! You are doing GREAT!

Josh and Elisha Sandberg said...

My head always itches when I run too!

The Bottjer Family said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that has a wandering mind when I run! =)

Here are my thoughts:
- Get some Eucerin/Aquaphor vaseline type gel- it's clear and can be massaged into your hands or any dry part of your body, That should help keep moisture in your knuckles and keep the sweat from burning.

- If your head itches then you probably need to wash your hair. J/K! No really though, sometimes if you run with hair that's already wet it keeps your head cooler and when you start sweating it doesn't itch because you already have moisture on your head.

- I hate the earphones that come with ipods- for one they don't fit my ears so they constantly fall out. I got the kind that wrap around your ear completely and they don't fall out, and because they're not in my ear as deep they don't get as sweaty. They're like $13 online.

-Good point on the shower curtains. Maybe they don't know they're that bad. You should probably tell SaraBeth.

- It's true, you loose toenails. I never lost any, but I keep mine super short as nubs, that way they don't rub at all. You may want to have your shoes checked because too small or too narrow of shoes will cause you to loose toenails too.

- GU is awesome. I agree. Definitely a great friend on the long runs.

brady lady said...

seriously my mind goes crazy while i'm running, it's the only time i get complete silence to just think! that's why i love it so much; and btw i have lost several toes nails before and i wasn't even preparing for a marathon! it just happens, it's ugly and painful.

also, i would love to do a half marathon with you maybe sometime next year (after i spit out another baby and no i'm not pregnant yet not even trying but hoping), i honestly don't have a desire to run a full but i would do a half if your interested. we'll see i'll hit you up in about 12 months.


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