Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Few Henry & Jaxon Things

Henry has been such a delight lately.  He is learning and growing so fast I want to record some of the things he's doing now.

When I give him something I want him to throw away I tell him, "Go put this in the garbage" and he takes it and throws it away.

He knows what it means when I tell him to "Sit down on your bottom/bum."

He is the best sleeper!  Well, he would be the best sleeper if he wasn't such a light sleeper, but he is fabulous when it's time to go down because I just lay him in his bed and he goes right to sleep.  This also works in the pack in play at other people's houses.  This is something I really, really appreciate because Jaxon wasn't like this.  And, it's such a pain to have to leave someone's house when you are visiting because your kid needs to nap.  Being able to put him down anywhere is the greatest!  Parenting tip #1 in my book:  Put your baby in their bed while they are still awake so they can learn to go to sleep on their own.  Otherwise, you'll be holding them for hours and though it's cute at first, but in the long run, it just isn't best for them or you.

He goes to sleep at about 7:00 and sleeps until about 7:00.  He usually naps about 3 hours total during the day.  Sometimes all at once, and sometimes he'll take 2 short naps.  It is wonderful!

When Henry gets hurt he says in this little whiney voice, "Ow Owieeeeee."  It started when he had diaper rash one day and I said, "Oh that's owie, huh?"  After that, he understood "owie" and uses the phrase daily.

Henry can say baby, cheese, banana, ball, shoes, outside.

He can use a big boy cup by himself, but we are still practicing the spoon.  That's a hard one for me to let him do because it makes such a mess.

When I tell him, "Give mommy kissie" he kisses me then he usually points to my forehead and wants to do "noggins" so we then bonk foreheads.

He has been doing these for a while, but he makes animal sounds:  monkey, bear, pig, horse, sheep, dog, cat, bird.

He has also known some for a while, but is continuing to learn body parts.  He knows eyes, tummy, fingers, toes, nose, ears.

One more thing, today Jaxon was playing with Play Dough and I sat Henry up to the counter and gave him a glob and grabbed it and put it in his mouth!  I told him no and he cried about it like I hurt his feelings.  I calmed him down and gave him some more and told him not to eat it.  He did it again.  I think we'll try Play Dough again when he's a little bigger.

Oh, and Henry climbs on EVERYthing!

A few notes on Jaxon...
Before his bath each night he knows he has to put his clothes in his laundry basket before he gets in the tub.  He's such a good little boy about it.  I'm teaching him to do this because one, he is able to do it so I do not need to do it for him; and two, when he is a grown man with a wife of his own, she will be lucky and hopefully appreciate that he puts his clothes in the hamper rather than on the floor.

No need to read into that...Devin is good about putting his clothes in the hamper :)

I know some people say the terrible twos get worse at age three, but for Jaxon that wasn't the case.  It's like something clicked and he went back to the sweet, obedient child I knew and loved.  He still has problems listening at times and throws fits here and there, but is pretty much 100x better!  It's fabulous!

And Jaxon met Santa!  Jaxon told Santa he wanted a Light Saber and then asked, "Where is it?" like he was going to magically pull it out right there.  Little kids are so innocent and sweet!

He has also mentioned he wants a football helmet so he can play.  He likes to watch it with daddy.

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Austin and Ashtyn said...

Jaxon with Santa.. so cute. And I know what you mean about going to sleep on there own.. It is so awesome to just go lay him down in his bed and have him go.. the best! People were like ohh you never rocked your baby to sleep.. like I was a bad mom. No I didnt but being a good mom for the other 13 hours in the day then putting them down alone.. OK with me. :)


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