Tuesday, December 1, 2009

4 Outta 5 Aint Bad!

Devin, "You're such a good cook, Sweets."
Ruthann, "Really?"
Devin, "Yeah, everything about this meal was excellent."

I have to savor this moment...

Lately, I have been making dinner about 4 nights a week.  And guess what?  I actually like it!  

And I figured out this little secret Devin has been keeping from me...it's not that hard!  I always thought it was hard and time consuming to make a good meal, so I was too intimidated to try.  But it's actually pretty easy to make something really good.  The more meals I make, the more I learn how to make other meals too.  It's kind of exciting!  (A little Molly Mormon sounding, I'm sure, but it's true.)

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