Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Henry Turns 3

For Henry's birthday we decided to go up to the cabin.  Nana planned a fun little pirate party that started with popping cannon balls.
 Then Jaxon and Henry got into a brawl over who knows what and I sat on the couch to capture the mess with photos.  After a few punches were thrown, Devin decided it was time to step in.
(I don't just let them fight it out all the time, but sometimes, yes, I do.  They need the chance to figure some things out on their own.)

Ollie was adorable, even when he got sleepy and a little fussy. 

After the brawl, it was time to go on a pirate treasure hunt!

The treasure they found was a pirate pinata.  Because it had rained on and off all morning we couldn't hang the it outside.  So, Daddy tried holding it and with Jaxon swinging the bat I'm sure you can guess what happened.  Seconds before, Josh even said, "We all know how this turns out.  We should be filming this."  He was right.  I felt bad as Devin dropped to the floor, but we all couldn't help but laugh!
 Yummy red velvet cake (of Henry's choosing)

 Devin and Josh went fishing that morning and also caught some crawdads.  We boiled them up and tried to eat them.  I'm not sure if we'll be doing it again or not...
 That's what Jaxon thought of the crawdads:
 But they were fun to wear on his finger!
 Yep, Ollie is under the couch.  He rolls all over when he plays now and he ended up under there.  
Little cowboy!
My man even looks attractive in his fishing t-shirt, baggy pants, and hiking boots!
 Enjoying the beautiful weather while shooting BB guns off the balcony.
 Lucky Henry got some Harry Potter legos from Nana and Papa!
 He's so good at playing on the floor with a couple toys.
 This is Ollie's crawling stance.  He gets into this position and hasn't figured out to drop that right knee.  If he does, he automatically falls to his tummy.  He's so close, but hasn't quite got it yet!  
(He just turned 8 months.)

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful place to go and have family time together.  It was such a great weekend!  
Happy birthday to Henry!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Training Started This Week

Since I have decided to run the PF Chang marathon again, I have started training.  And, since it's SO stinking hot there is no way I can run outside.  I can't wait for the day that it's cool enough to run outside!  I especially love running outside during the holidays because it's so fun to see all the decorated houses!  But for now, I have to go to the YMCA.  If the boys are good and get ready and go to the kids place so I can exercise, I take them swimming afterwards.  Here are some pictures from today...
Oliver was putting his face in it like a drinking fountain then sticking his tongue out. 

 I try to meet my friend Kiera at the Y so we can exercise together and today she brought her boys swimming with us.  It's crazy that when we first met she didn't have any kids and we only had Jaxon.  Now, between the 2 of us, there are 5 kids...and they are all boys!!!  It's so fun to see them all growing up and playing together!

Yeah, so I'm running the marathon again!  I know I said I would never do it again, but I was so close to qualifying for Boston that I want to run it again so I can qualify.  They actually decreased the time so I have to cut more off my time, but I think I can do it.  

Training is very time consuming, but I really enjoy doing it.  When I told Devin I wanted to run it again he said with a big sigh, "You do?"  Then I told him that I know it takes a lot of my time, but he had to support me.  I guess it seems like it takes more time because of when the training falls...during the holidays and wrestling season.  But, around the time of the marathon we are planning on trying to have another baby so the timing is perfect.  I want to do this for myself before getting pregnant again.  And because of the scare with Ollie and the doctor being relieved that my body was in such good shape before getting pregnant that he thought it would heal itself, which it did, I want to be really healthy before getting pregnant again.  

So, anyone interested in running the marathon with me???  
There is a half (13.1 miles) if a whole (26.2) is too much.  
It's super fun!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Family Reunion - Manti, Utah

The awesomely beautiful Manti Temple.  We did a session and it was amazing.  
 Jaxon going out on the canoe.  He was fearless, but Henry didn't want to get his feet wet.
We had lifejackets at home, but didn't bring them because we didn't realize we were going to be literally 10 feet from the lake.  Luckily, there was a Walmart near by.  So, now we have 4 toddler lifejackets:)
 Canoe ride with Daddy and cousins!
 Henry with his giant lifejacket.
Snack time 
Balloon swards and hats!  What could be better?!  
(I guess Henry thought no pants would be better so he went for it.) 

Catching frogs by the lake. 
The HUGE screen to watch Tangled.  It was so fun for the kids! 
Jaxon playing with the light saber he won in the auction. 
Mama and Henry and Ollie 
Adorable Henry 
Playing with cousins and light saber! 
All of a sudden the winds picked up like crazy!  The kids were running everywhere and thought it was so fun. 

Then it started hailing!  We ran to the car and waited while Devin helped the guys secure the rain covers to the tents.  
Ollie was happy as ever! 

We got donuts from Millers on our way out of town. 
Then to St. George and our favorite grocery store Harmon's!
3 boys!!!

Devin says he would move to St. George just because of Harmon's grocery store.  We do love it!  

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


One of the things we love about our new house is that we have a big yard.  Some of the yard is still dirt.  I guess if you are Henry, the dirt is the best part!
 This kid is so funny!  Look how dirty he is!
 Yes, that is an alpaca hanging out with Henry.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This baby is just so yummy!!!

And here's 2 pictures of Jaxon...don't he and Ollie look SO much alike?


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