Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Henry Turns 3

For Henry's birthday we decided to go up to the cabin.  Nana planned a fun little pirate party that started with popping cannon balls.
 Then Jaxon and Henry got into a brawl over who knows what and I sat on the couch to capture the mess with photos.  After a few punches were thrown, Devin decided it was time to step in.
(I don't just let them fight it out all the time, but sometimes, yes, I do.  They need the chance to figure some things out on their own.)

Ollie was adorable, even when he got sleepy and a little fussy. 

After the brawl, it was time to go on a pirate treasure hunt!

The treasure they found was a pirate pinata.  Because it had rained on and off all morning we couldn't hang the it outside.  So, Daddy tried holding it and with Jaxon swinging the bat I'm sure you can guess what happened.  Seconds before, Josh even said, "We all know how this turns out.  We should be filming this."  He was right.  I felt bad as Devin dropped to the floor, but we all couldn't help but laugh!
 Yummy red velvet cake (of Henry's choosing)

 Devin and Josh went fishing that morning and also caught some crawdads.  We boiled them up and tried to eat them.  I'm not sure if we'll be doing it again or not...
 That's what Jaxon thought of the crawdads:
 But they were fun to wear on his finger!
 Yep, Ollie is under the couch.  He rolls all over when he plays now and he ended up under there.  
Little cowboy!
My man even looks attractive in his fishing t-shirt, baggy pants, and hiking boots!
 Enjoying the beautiful weather while shooting BB guns off the balcony.
 Lucky Henry got some Harry Potter legos from Nana and Papa!
 He's so good at playing on the floor with a couple toys.
 This is Ollie's crawling stance.  He gets into this position and hasn't figured out to drop that right knee.  If he does, he automatically falls to his tummy.  He's so close, but hasn't quite got it yet!  
(He just turned 8 months.)

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful place to go and have family time together.  It was such a great weekend!  
Happy birthday to Henry!

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