Monday, August 8, 2011

Where Daddy Lives

Today my favorite moment was when we drove past the school Devin teaches at and Henry pointed to it and said, "That's where Daddy lives!"  I corrected him, "No, that's Daddy's work.  Daddy lives at home with us."  "NO!  Daddy lives at his work too!"

It wasn't really my favorite moment, of course, but I want to remember it.  I think it's actually a tad bit sad that Henry thinks Daddy lives somewhere else.  I mean, I know Devin is gone a lot, but even if it's late, he always comes home.  I guess there are days when the kids don't see him at all.  Working 2 jobs and taking classes for a Masters Degree is serious business.

1 comment:

Royalbird said...

I'm sure that many kids think that at one point or another about their busy dads. I'm pretty sure at least one or two of ours said that as well.


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