Thursday, August 18, 2011

Family Reunion - Manti, Utah

The awesomely beautiful Manti Temple.  We did a session and it was amazing.  
 Jaxon going out on the canoe.  He was fearless, but Henry didn't want to get his feet wet.
We had lifejackets at home, but didn't bring them because we didn't realize we were going to be literally 10 feet from the lake.  Luckily, there was a Walmart near by.  So, now we have 4 toddler lifejackets:)
 Canoe ride with Daddy and cousins!
 Henry with his giant lifejacket.
Snack time 
Balloon swards and hats!  What could be better?!  
(I guess Henry thought no pants would be better so he went for it.) 

Catching frogs by the lake. 
The HUGE screen to watch Tangled.  It was so fun for the kids! 
Jaxon playing with the light saber he won in the auction. 
Mama and Henry and Ollie 
Adorable Henry 
Playing with cousins and light saber! 
All of a sudden the winds picked up like crazy!  The kids were running everywhere and thought it was so fun. 

Then it started hailing!  We ran to the car and waited while Devin helped the guys secure the rain covers to the tents.  
Ollie was happy as ever! 

We got donuts from Millers on our way out of town. 
Then to St. George and our favorite grocery store Harmon's!
3 boys!!!

Devin says he would move to St. George just because of Harmon's grocery store.  We do love it!  


Tayce and Lacie said...

Looks like you had so much fun. Tayce and I are planning our reunion for next summer so I love reading up on others reunions.

Bryce and Candice said...

Are you guys planning on going to St. George in September? Your little Ollie is so cute I want to meet him!!


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