Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Wednesday, we went to my parents for an actual turkey.  No tofurkey this year!  The kids stayed with Granny and Gramps while Devin and I went to see Harry Potter.  It was a much needed date!

Thursday we went to Devin's family's Thanksgiving feast and traditional pie contest, of course!  Devin got first place!  He made a "Candy Apple Pie" with apples, carmel, roasted pecans, and chocolate.  Delicious!
I was a judge and it was difficult!  All these pies were yummy!

 Nana and Henry and Uncle Mark.  Uncle Mark has 2 turkeys and chickens that the boys love visiting.  They chase the turkeys and it's hilarious to watch those birds run!
After stuffing ourselves for the second day in a row, we played some family football.  I watched and Devin shouldn't have played because of his ribs, but he couldn't resist.  They had a great time.  He asked if I was impressed about his performance.  It was cute that he still wants to impress me:)  I sure love that guy!  And our families!  

This year, I'm especially thankful for:
My husband--he is truly my best friend in the world and without his support I wouldn't be able to do all that I do.
My kids--who despite the trouble they give me, are the reason I get up every morning and bring me more happiness than I ever could have known.
The Gospel--without it, I would feel lost and with it I know my purpose and my potential and the blessings I will receive if I do what is right.
My body--though right now it is uncomfortable, it is serving its purpose and is capable of doing amazing things.  

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