Friday, December 3, 2010

Trim the Tree

The Sunday after Thanksgiving was the perfect day to put up the tree.  I wish we could have a real tree, but we decided the money to buy a tree could be put to better use this year.  Plus, they are pretty messy.  A Bath and Body Works "Fresh Balsam" Wall Flower will have to do for the pine scent.  (Have you ever smelled it?  It's just like a real tree!  So yummy!)

 This is our 6th Christmas since we've been married and we still haven't purchased a tree topper or a tree skirt.  Last year, we made this topper and I love it more than anything we could buy so we'll use it as long as we can!

 Mommy untangling lights and looking just fabulous!  (sarcasm)
Those boys love having a mini tree to decorate too.
 Daddy felt like dancing to the Christmas music and Henry thought it was great!
 Jaxon preferred to hang out under the tree for a while.
Yea for Christmas!  I can't believe it has been a year since last Christmas!


Ronya said...

we still dont have a star for the top of our christmas tree. Its been 3 years now with out a tree topper. We have gone to buy one before but we are too picky. I like yours way better than the store ones. :)

John and Jada McFarlane said...

My in laws made their Christmas star the first year they were married and it is still going strong over 30 years later! Love the post!

Anonymous said...

Thats so cute I need the boys to make one for my tree in the family room. I would so love it. It is the worst to find a tree topper. My Dad had made one when I was young I loved it. It was a star that had lights and blinked. I wish I had it now. But it died of old age.:(

Mom miller


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