Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mommy Advise Please

We moved Henry to Jaxon's room so the nursery would be ready for the baby.  The day came last week when he climbed out of the crib on his own.  After that, I don't dare put him in it since he could fall on his head or something.  So, he was pretty cooperative the first night and will still go to bed good, but the problem is he wakes up in the night and cries for water or for us to fix his blanket.  Then, he's up for about an hour complaining about anything he can think of...his pajama shirt is broken, his blanket isn't quite right, he needs more water, etc.  It is driving Devin and me crazy!  What should we do???!!!    

I was thinking of setting a cup out and telling him that if he wants water he needs to get it himself.  Then, after getting up with him once, shutting our bedroom door so he knows we aren't going to stay up with him and his shenanigans.  I don't want him to feel like we'll never help him, but he mostly cries for water and he can do that himself and the rest of the excuses he comes up with are all fake anyway.  I'm willing to get up if he really needs something, but I feel like he needs to know we aren't going to be up every night (usually twice) for an hour at a time.  Advise please???!!!

Being up during the night means he falls asleep while playing.  His feel are dangling!

Oh, and the pains I was having have gone away so I don't think they were just from my uterus being "worn out."  I think they were related to having the flu.  I am really glad I am feeling good again and it doesn't hurt to move anymore.  I'm just extremely tired!  

3 women I know have had their babies in the past week and I'm so close, but still so far away!  I can't wait!

36 weeks

And I still have to check my sugars 4 times a day.  They are alway where they are supposed to be so I don't know what we are checking for anymore.  Devin says I should just forget about it.  The hardest part is waiting 2 hours after eating to test.  I get so hungry!  My stomach doesn't have much room to fill up so my meals are small and don't fill me up for long.  Most times, by the time it has been 2 hours I feel weak and shaky.  At least the baby is doing good and I'm almost done being pregnant.


Ashley said...

You are the cutest pregnant person! You are still so small... it just looks like a little basketball! Good luck with Henry. I don't have much advise because I don't have babies yet! :)

Royalbird said...

It is hard transitioning them out of the crib and sharing a room at the same time. Honestly, Eliza will be 3 next week and I still get up with her sometimes as many as 3 times a night, only now it's for trips to the bathroom. Which is something she can do herself, but at night, she cries about going instead of just getting up and going. It could be that he's used to relying on you for the drink and doesn't realize it's something he can do himself. I always worried when I let my kids do things for themselves at night that they won't go back to bed, in fact, it's a recurring nightmare of mine.

I don't really have any set advice for you because Eliza has really blown all my theories out of the water on the whole night time thing. None of my other kids have struggled with staying in bed at night the way she does. Sometimes they are just having a hard time adjusting to the change and need that little extra attention, which is really hard when you're pregnant and tired. I do think giving him a cup with water and telling him to drink it on his own during the night should help, but what do I know? My almost 3-year-old comes in to wake me up almost every night still!

The Stevens Family said...

hmm..We changed Dawson's bed into a toddler bed about a year ago because he would get up so much and I wasn't getting any sleep. So each night we'd make a small bad on the floor in our room. We also set up a sippy cup right next to him. For about a week he would cry and I would go in each time to show him where his sippy cup was. If he'd wake up crying again I would teach him to just walk into our bedroom and fall asleep in the bed on the floor.

He would cry so hard at our bed side and want to sleep in our bed with us, but I would just have to keep saying sleep on the floor. It will be okay. It was hard and a lot of work, but he doesn't wake me up anymore. It took a little over a week and he understood..that was at 14 months. So maybe it won't take as long to learn since he's a lot older now.

AND for the checking sugars thing..trust your instinct. You obviously know better than the doctors. :-) So I would bag it and if you feel good, then the baby is good. If you have any doubts, trust them and do what you feel is best.

You are so cute in the picture!

Lola said...

I'm kind of a bedtime nazi...but it must work because they all go to sleep pretty good.

We give Sophie a sippy of water at bedtime so that solves that problem. In the rare occasion that she gets up we put her back to bed without saying a word to her. Its hard and she may cry but she's up to get our attention and I'm just not going to give it to her. I need sleep and so does she. I march her back to bed, lay her down, cover her up and out I go. The first couple nights we switched her to a toddler bed it took two hours, then one hour and the time lessened and after a few days she went to bed like a champ.

We did the same thing with Nathan. And I'm currently letting Carter cry it out...its tough, but the pay off has been great for us.

And I quit testing my sugars after every meal...I only tested when I didn't feel right. Then I'd eat to take a dose of medication whatever to offset the numbers.

Thorne Family said...

I would just leave a sippy cup of water with Wesson for the first couple of months, then gave him less and less water. But Wesson never has woke up during the night, if he does I don't talk to him. I do what ever it is he needs me to do then walk out the room and close the door, as well as my door. I agree you need your sleep. You don't need to be waking up with 2 boys during the night!

I can't believe how small you are!!! You are so cute!!! I wish I stayed that small!!! Good luck with everything! You are almost there!!!


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