Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Night At the Hospital

This time it wasn't because of me though.  It was Devin!  He was at wrestling practice and wrestling one of the kids on his team when the kid drove his shoulder into Devin's ribs.  There was a pop and then Devin started having a hard time breathing.

Devin called me and said, "Hi Sweets.  I have to go to the hospital.  I probably broke a few ribs."  I said, "What?!  You?  How?  Are you joking because you better not be trying to play a trick.  It's not funny!  Do you need someone to drive you?"

Luckily, the boys were already playing at my mom's for the afternoon so I just grabbed a few things and headed to meet him at the hospital.  On the drive there I started thinking about how what if one of the ribs punctured a lung or something and he was seriously hurt or all these other things that were freaking me out.

When I got there one of the assistant coaches was in the waiting room.  He helped calm me down by letting me know it wasn't anything as serious as I was imagining.  Phew!

I went back to see Devin.  They were drawing blood and starting an IV.  We waited for an x-ray to see if the ribs were broken.  They weren't.  So, the doc did a CT scan to see if his spleen was damaged because he was still in a lot of pain.  The scan showed that the spleen was okay so the doctor said the pain was from the separation of the rib cartilage and the force of the injury.  He said Devin would be sore for a while and shouldn't be lifting or doing anything that increases the pain.

We were so thankful he wasn't hurt worse and didn't require surgery on his spleen or anything like that.  With all my baby issues lately it would have just made things even harder around here if Devin was physically unable to help me for a long period of time.

We sat and waited for all these tests from about 5 pm to 9 pm.  And, the hospital cafeteria closed at 7 pm so I had to go grab something for dinner.  I had a headache in my eye sockets, like when I looked to the sides it hurt--weird, I know!  I was also having some weird pains in my uterus and was getting a little worried, but figured they'd go away.  (More about those later.)  While I sat with him, he thanked me for being there and having a good attitude.  Then, he apologized for having such a bad attitude when I was in the hospital last week.  I laughed and said something about how now that the shoe was on the other foot he was sorry.  He said he thought about it a few days earlier as he was reading a bedtime story to Jaxon about how Nephi didn't complain when he was in bad situations even though his brothers did and how complaining doesn't make any situation better.  I am so thankful to be married to such a sweet man who always tries to be better and says sorry when he feels like he needs to.

When we got home from the hospital and were getting ready for bed, Devin asked if I was in the mood to "make crippled love."  I laughed and told him that yes we were both feeling like cripples, but we weren't going to be making love.  Of course, even though it hurts him to breathe and I'm getting bigger by the day, he still has lovemaking on the mind!

One thing I forgot to mention is that Devin wasn't even supposed to be wrestling!  Previously, he had hurt his neck so I asked him not to wrestle for a while.  If he had listened to his wife and not been wrestling, he probably wouldn't have hurt his ribs!

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