Friday, November 12, 2010

You're Not Listening To Me

So those pains I was referring to, they didn't go away that night.  I had them through the night and all day Thursday.  I'm still having them now and it's Friday afternoon.  They're probably nothing, but they are still concerning.

I went to my previously scheduled doctor appointment (with ultrasound) hoping to find out what was going on.  The ultrasound seemed to be uneventful.  The tech asked if I had any concerns and I told her I had been having some weird pains down the sides of my uterus.  She said it was probably just the uterus stretching.  I don't really think that's it, but I didn't ask further because I was going to ask the doctor.

For the followup I saw a doctor I haven't seen before.  She seemed nice enough at first, but by the end, I didn't want to see her again.  After introductions, this is an idea of how the discussion went...

Doc  "Everything on the ultrasound looks good.  The baby is about 5 pounds and his head is down, both good."
Ruthann  "Thanks.  I was wondering about these pains I've been having..."
Doc  "Where are the pains?"
R  "Around the sides of my uterus.  They aren't like anything I felt with my previous 2 pregnancies."
Doc  "What causes them?  What makes them better/worse?"
R  "I don't think anything in particular causes them.  They come and go and I just try to sit or hold still until they pass.  It feels kind of like a little bubble in there causing pressure and then it pops and goes away then more bubbles come."
Doc "Well, everything on the ultrasound looks good.  I see you couldn't finish the 3 hour glucose test."  [Notice she didn't finish addressing the pain issue.  Since "everything looked good" she just moved on.  If it's nothing to worry about then fine, but tell me why they are happening or why you aren't worried about them, because I am!]
R  "Yeah, I have been recording my blood sugar 4 times a day.  They have all been under 120, except once and that was because I ate a Krispy Kreme donut."
Doc  "Did you go to the diabetic teaching class?"
R  "No, they called me for an appointment, but I didn't go."
Doc  "Okay, when is your appointment?"  [She thought I meant I hadn't gone yet, but had an appointment to go.  What I meant was that I wasn't planning on going.]
R  "I canceled it.  Since all my numbers were low I figured I was doing okay."
Doc  [Total disbelief on her face that I wasn't just following orders like some maternity patients.]  "You should go.  It's your decision, but we strongly urge patients to go.  You could have diabetes but just be controlling it with your diet.  [Wait, isn't that the goal--control with diet, not pills???!!!]  We won't know since you didn't finish the test.  They might present information you already know, but probably some you don't."
R  "I'm sure I would learn something, but I feel like everything is fine so I probably won't be going."
[I was totally getting annoyed at this point.  I wasn't saying I didn't think I would learn anything in the class, I just think it wouldn't be worth my time and effort to go there when it according to my sugar levels, I'm fine.  Plus, she said they want to teach me how to control it with my diet?  Well, it looks like I'm already doing it!  I'm more concerned about these pains running through my uterus!]
Doc  [Frustration clearly showing on her face] "Well, I want you to come back next week and we'll look at your numbers again.  Unfortunately, this is my last day in this office.  I will be moving to the Queen Creek office that opens on Monday."
R  "That's the office I'll be going to from now on actually.  It's a lot closer to my house."
Doc  "Oh good!  We can continue there!  I'll see you next week!"

Now I realize I shouldn't have told her I'd be going to that office!  I won't be making appointments with her again.  It wasn't just the things she said.  It was her attitude and tone and facial expressions that gave her away.  Another thing that came up was my little visit to the hospital.  She didn't know I had been in.  It bugs me when doctors don't even take the time to read my chart before they come talk to me.

If there is something about the diabetes that I should be concerned about, let me know!  I am NOT saying I know more than the doctor, but as far as my knowledge goes, I don't see any signs that are concerning regarding the diabetes.  I wanted an answer about the pains!  She skipped over that and just kept pressuring me about the diabetes!  It's like telling a child not to touch the stove but not explaining WHY.  If she would have given a reason as to why the class was so important, I would have been more inclined to go.  But, she never explained why it was so necessary, so to me it wounds like I there's no reason for me to go except so they can bill my insurance for another office visit at the rate of $150 per hour.

Devin was there with me but had to step out with Henry when the doctor and I actually had this conversation.  He came back in the middle of it.  He said it felt like such a business meeting, not like a doctor visit.  He said the doctor seemed to take no notice of the thing I was extremely concerned about.  I know pregnant women can definitely be overly dramatic, so I am glad Devin noticed on his own.  It wasn't just me being dramatic.

I am not against doctors at all.  I'm so thankful there are people who go to school and learn all about humans so they can help people who are sick or injured.  I'm just not a fan of this particular doctor.  It was frustrating.  I'm not just going to blindly follow orders.  Give me a reason for why you want me to do something and I'll consider doing it.  I'm not just doing it because you said so.  And, I didn't appreciate her blowing aside an issue I specifically came to the doctor to get some answers about.

I have another appointment (with a different doctor) on Monday.  If the pains are still happening I'll go.  If they go away, I'll cancel.


Jami said...

Ruthann, I feel your pain. Not about OB doctors ( I LOVE mine) but doctors in general. I think you just need to follow your instincts. You know if there is something wrong.

Royalbird said...

Not to be a jerk and agree with the doctor, because I think she lacked tact and understanding completely, but I didn't have serious ligament pain until my third pregnancy and then with that one and my fourth, it was pretty bad. Quite painful and quite often and all I could do was sit there in one position until the pain subsided. It very well could just be ligament pain. I don't know if you had any during your other pregnancies, but it gets worse with each baby. This time around I haven't had them as much yet, but just started to about a week ago. Definitely pursue it to make sure, but I would venture to guess that is truly what it is, just based on personal experience.

brady lady said...

honestly, doc's don't care enough and probably don't know why you are having such pain. i was almost killed by my doctor when i got my tubes tied and still feel paranoid that everything's not ok, but do they happen to care, no! they don't have the time available to listen to our complaints and to research the issue, that's why the internet is great, you can self- diagnosis yourself and either do something about it or just ignore it. all i know is that most of the problems you have when you are pregnant go away as soon as the baby comes out. so hang in there, you are almost done.


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