Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Paint mishap

Okay, so last night Devin was making dinner and I was painting the spare bedroom to get it ready for Jaxon to move into it when the new baby comes. I was standing up on a stool holding the gallon of paint when I looked down to see it was pouring right on Jaxon's head! We took him to the bathroom and stripped him down (not before taking the pictures) and bathed him right away. Devin asked him what happened and he just put his arms up, shrugged, and squeaked his "I don't know" squeak. It was so cute! Let's just say it was rough getting the paint out of his hair while keeping it out of his eyes and mouth! He was okay though. What a scare for Mom and Dad!


Jen said...

oh no! Atleast he is smiling. Im so happy you have a blog I added you> :)

Kiera said...

THATS INSANE!! hha I love that story thats so hilarious.. its awesome


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