Monday, December 8, 2008

Someone dropping 108 pennies in the sand with the wind blowing and birds chirping

Does anyone remember when KMLE country used to do the secret sound?  It was always something totally random that it took like 100 clues for anyone to ever get it.  Well, some times I feel like I'm playing that game in my own home.  Often times, if I'm not in the same room as Jaxon and I hear something suspicious, I have to pull all the information in my brain together to figure out what's going on.  Like tonight:  I was nursing Henry in his room and I heard Jaxon in the office doing something that made a loud noise and sounded like the printer tray was being hit, and broken (hard to describe, but it didn't sound like a good noise).  So I asked, "Devin, what is he doing to the printer?"  Devin responded with, "Jax don't do that."  And to me, "He was making Woody jump on the paper tray."  My thought was, "Devin, aren't you watching that boy?"


Jami said...

I have thought those same words. Usally I say something like "Spencer, can you PLEASE watch Grace for a min while I finish doing what I am doing?"

Carrie Carp said...

I just don't understand how the husband's can ignore the loud noise and not worry about the dangerous stunt until AFTER the wife asks "Husband, aren't you watching the offspring?"


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