Monday, December 8, 2008

Favorite Quotes

I decided to take these off the side and post them when they happen so the list doesn't get too long and then they'll also be dated.  Anyway, here are the existing ones...more to come...

Devin: Are you ready to have family night?
Jaxon: Yep!
Devin: And sing songs?
Jaxon: No, watch the tv!

Ruthann: What's your name?
Jaxon: Spideyman Boy.
Ruthann: You mean Jaxon?
Jaxon: No! Spideyman Boy Jaxon.

Jaxon: Uh-oh! Boogers! (as he wiped his nose on his shirt)

Ruthann: Hey Devin, I got Jaxon to take a nap today.
Jaxon: Nooooo!
Ruthann: Not right now, you had one earlier.
Jaxon: Oh, yep!

While driving on a muddy road due to someone not preparing their yard for irrigation after the road had just been repaired:
Devin: Some people have poop for brains.

In response to Ruthann's complaining about her boobs getting bigger when pregnant:
Devin: You know, lots of women pay good money for those!

Ruthann: What color would you call my hair?
Devin: Dirt.
Ruthann: What??? (Dirty look.)
Devin: Okay...strawberry blond.

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