Thursday, December 11, 2008

Problem Partially Figured Out

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So, Henry just woke up and I was in nursing him.  He was eating perfectly fine when Jaxon came in and started making all kinds of noise.  Henry just looked up at me and started screaming.  I calmed him down but he didn't want to eat anymore after that.  He just wanted to watch Jaxon play.  I got Jax convinced to finish watching Sesame Street so he left.  I tried feeding Henry again and he ate.  From the other room we heard Jaxon shouting about something he saw and Henry stopped eating, looked up at me, curled his bottom lip under, and started screaming again.  Now, it could be gas, but the timing is just too much to be coincidence.  I am pretty sure he likes it quite while he eats and he doesn't want to be disturbed.  Most times he eats, Jaxon is around and distracting him.  That's probably why he eats for such a short time and then that makes him need to eat more often.  

Anyway, boring mom stuff, I know, but I'm just trying to figure it out!  Jaxon was such a good little eater.  20 minutes each side, done and done.  With Henry, I never know if he's full!


Jami said...

OH MY! This is going to be long. I am just warning you.
K-this is kinda my passion...
So I really feel strongly about feeding on demand, especially if you are nursing. I also feel like you should do what you feel is best, and what works for you and your baby.
Grace nursed every hour for like a month, and then she moved to every 2 hours, and stayed that way for like 4 months. She didn't slept when she wanted to sleep, and ate when she wanted to eat. It was hard for like 5 months, and then she put herself on a schedual. NOW she is so secure. She knows that I will always meet her needs when they need to be met. She doesn't whine.
Oh course you know how to raise have two, and I accually read your blog all the time and think "ruthann is such a good mom, I want to be more like her"
But I really think that ALL babies are different. I think some babies do GREAT on baby wise, and some moms do GREAT with that as well. But I also think that not all babies will be on the same schedual at the same time in their lives. I think you have to go with the flow. Some moms don't have the patients to feed on demand, but if you do, I think you should.
I know that one of my friends did baby wise, and she only fed her son when he was "suppost" to eat, and he cried all the time. She was always commmenting on how happy Grace was. I just couldn't help but think "just feed him!"
K-now I am feeling like you are goinig to think I am pushy. I sure hope not.
My main point is that you should just do what is easiest for you, and what you think is best.
Grace didn't sleep for like a year. Everyone kept telling me to just let her cry. But just gut feeling was to just live without sleep and wait till I felt like she should just cry it out. One day I felt like it was right, and now she is sleeping Great! I think moms know their babies the best!
K-WOW, this really was long. If you don't want to be my friend anymore b/c you think I am freak its ok.

The Stevens Family said...

Hey Ruthann, first off you are an amazing person and I know you are the best mom ever. The best advice I ever got was from my mom. Babies, kids.. they know what they want. They know how much they need to eat, they know how much sleep they need.. they are pretty smart actually. So just listen to them and let them tell you. Think of Jaxon, he tells you what he needs... She also said that being way organized is kind of on hold with kids. You can have structure, but I know you have got that down. :) Our schedule is there schedule. Each day is completely different, but one day when they can start to understand, then you can start creating a schedule WITH them, not FOR them. Meaning, we can't force things on our children. We have to teach them and do it WITH them. :) Good luck!

The Garlocks.... said...

I just follow the mothers intution rule. You know your baby and a book doesn't. Books have great advice but that doesn't mean it is suppose to fit perfectly for your kid. I've had 3 kids and I've learned what works for them and I've never used a book. They all sleep through the night and they are healthy kids! I must have great kids! I say you know your kid and if he is gaining weight and sleeping for what works for you guys then why mess it up because a book says so...I don't know. I nurse Hannah in bed and isn't that a big NO NO! Oh well, I love every minute of it and I really don't care!

Candice said...

Hey I agree with the intuition thing. I've never had a "schedule" for Andrew, and I don't plan on having one for the next baby either. I go with what my little one is telling me, and generally the only way to communicate for an infant is crying, and when a book tells you to ignore their attempts to communicate, well it personally just gives me bad feelings about the method. Even though they are small and totally dependant for care doesn't mean they don't know what they need and want. Just my opinion though. I say don't be afraid to toss the book to the wind! I also nursed my son in bed with me, always nursing him as much as he needed and wanted and he's generally always slept through the night (barring colds and what not) straight from birth, so yeah, I'm totally biased, lol. Seriously don't stress it :) Seems to me he's already making known what he wants and needs.

Janet said...

I'm glad to see the comments about breastfeeding on demand and doing what works for you. That was definitely my first thought when I read your post. And I actually co-sleep with Chuck *gasp!* Who cares what "they" say? Do "they" know your baby? Do "they" live with him day in and day out? do! I think co-sleeping is great {a first for me}, nursing in bed is great {Hello! you can lie down!} and breastfeeding on demand is a must, especially when he's such a little guy.

Good job trusting your instincts Mama!

Staci said...

I don't know what to say. I read all of your comments and I have a very different opinion. I am going to keep it to myself because I only have one child and I think every child is different. My initial comment was going to be "WOW, Jaxon ate for 20 minutes each side! That is a lot of nursing! Jaci only eats 5 minutes on each side and she is fine. I feed her at 9am, noon (well the babysitter feeds her my pumped breast milk), 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm. She sleeps from about 9:30pm to 8:30am. She has always eaten small amounts but never more often and I do feel like she is full. She is just not a big eater. Maybe my next baby will be! You never know and each child is different. You do a great job! I love this blogging thing to ask other mothers opinions! What a great thing technology is!

mamachick said...

I'm not into advice-giving on this topic because I sucked at nursing (ha-ha). Anyway, your Henry sounds like all my babies were, and nursing was so hard for me. I'm sure you'll figure it out and get into that groove. I guess for some babies, it just takes time to figure it all out (time that I'm never patient for, hence why my babies all ended up being bottle-fed after a few months).


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