Friday, October 24, 2008

Schnepf Farms

We took the boys to the festivities on Thursday because it was half price for Queen Creek residents. It was so much fun!

Jax didn't really like straw on his hands, but I convinced him to sit for a minute for a picture.
Jaxon loved the little pumpkins. "Baby num nums" he called them (baby pumpkins).
Jaxon and Daddy and the "BIG num nums" :)
As you can see, Jaxon didn't really get the idea...
This cow is like 6 feet tall...his legs are so long and he's huge!
Jaxon loved riding on the airplane at first, but by the end of the ride, he looked like he was going to fall asleep:)
The best pic we could get with the bee ride. Jaxon loved that too!
We rode on the train. Besides food, it was the only thing that cost extra. We thought the kids, well at least Jax, would love it...but looks like we were wrong...
It's not that he didn't like it, he was just so tired by then...haha, that face kills me! As we were getting off, Devin joked saying, "I don't know how we'll get Jaxon off this thing...Jax, quit kicking and screaming. We know it was fun, but we can't ride it again." Jaxon was so somber...he needed some food!
After the train we watch pig races and then ate some chili, bbq pork, and Jaxon's favorite, corn! Once Jaxon got a little food in him, he was snapping his fingers and dancing like crazy to the live band. It was so cute!
Little Henry after eating his dinner.While we were on our way out Devin asked Jaxon if he had fun and Jax said yes. We asked him what his favorite part was, and he said, "Henry." Devin and I laughed. Then, a few minutes later when we got to the car, Devin tried again, "Jaxon, what was your favorite part?" "Um, Henry" he said again. "Are you sure it wasn't the pumpkins?" "No, Henry" Jax responded. "What about the train?" Devin joked. "No! Henry!"

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