Monday, October 6, 2008

Deep Space Pine or Pine-0210?

Devin's grandparents recently sold their cabin in Utah to buy one closer. They found one outside of Payson and we went up for the first time last week. Their previous cabin was named "Aspen Ridge" by the family because, you guessed it, there were aspen trees all over. So, in an attempt to come up with an awesome name for the new cabin, we sat around the table from about 11 pm to midnight and came up with some real winners! Well, at least we thought so at that time of the night. Here are some of our ideas:

Memoirs of an Aspen
Aspen Ridge: The Next Generation
See above title of post. (I don't know what it was, but once we got on Star Trek/pop-culture ideas, we couldn't stop...)

Yeah, no good.

I guess Grandpa read through the suggestion box and decided we needed to think harder and come up with something we can actually use. We didn't get a good name, but we sure had fun trying. I don't know how we'll actually think of a name...

Anyway, here were some of the fun happenings while we were there:

Jaxon fell down a few stairs and got his first fat lip. He still wanted to say "Cheese" for the camera!
A few days after our first trip, we went back up. This time, we took my parents for a night. Jaxon loved this tractor we saw on our walk.
My dad said this is a bird's nest in the dirt. We've never seen that before.
Devin and Dad wanted to crack some black walnuts we gathered on our walk. Those nuts have such hard shells, they used a sledge hammer to crack them outside on the cement.
We are really blessed to have a close place to go where the weather is beautiful and we can have fun adventures as a family!

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