Monday, October 6, 2008

New Hair Cut

Jaxon's hair was getting pretty long and on the days he didn't get his face wiped after eating and wore his pj's all day, he was really on the verge of white trash. Devin even joked when he came home from work, "Where did this white trash kid come from?" Yeah, thanks. Let me say, it was one of my very proud moments as a mother.

Anyway, here he was before:

During:And After:I'm a big fan of the fo-hawk, so that's what we tried. His hair is still a little thin, but I love his new do!

1 comment:

The Bottjer Family said...

Love it. I just wish Landon's would do that! Josh wore his in a fo-hawk the other day and I loved it. He's never done that. All the people at work made fun of him though.


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