Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blessing & Birthday

We blessed Henry on Sunday and since Jaxon's birthday was on Thursday we had a combined blessing/birthday family get-together. Our church is at 8:00, so we did a breakfast at our house afterward of biscuits and gravy. Between my large family and Devin's family, there were a lot of people there. I love big families:)
Devin's parents, us, and my parents.
Jaxon saw this Spiderman flatware set at Target and really wanted it. I think he cried for like 20 minutes when I didn't buy it for him so when he got it for his birthday he was so excited!
Nana and Papa gave Jaxon a plush Spiderman that sings "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." He loves it! They also gave him some dinosaurs that he loves too! After everyone left he was pooped and fell asleep watching Toy Story with Buzz and Woody.
On Jaxon's actual birthday Devin and I took him out to Moon China. It's a really yummy Chinese restaurant that has lunch specials for $5 so we love it. Jaxon loves noodles so he loved the lo mein.
I'm not sure what's up here, but it was too cute!
Little post-meal messy-face "cheese!"
Jaxon wanted a chocolate cake with sprinkles so that's what he got. Too bad he didn't even eat a single bite!
Jaxon's friend Landon gave him a Spiderman backpack for his birthday. He loves wearing it!

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