Monday, October 6, 2008

People: Micah, Alex, Dad, Mother-in-law, Kathryn, Joshua, Mom

As a crawled back into bed last night at 4:26, I had a lot on my mind. Usually I can fall back to sleep quickly after feeding, burping, and changing Henry, so I don't know why it didn't work the same last night. I was thinking about people.

People I miss:

My Aunt, Micah
Why? She lives in Tennessee and has 4 little kiddos and is married to my Uncle Jeremy. She is so much like me in so many ways. We share a passion for natural child birth, which is something many other women don't relate to, so it's a unique bond. We are really close and have the best time when we get to see each other. I wish it was more often!

My friend in St. George, Alex
Why? Because she is totally awesome! We had so much fun working together and became BFF's in like ten seconds of knowing each other. She moved from California so we both didn't know anyone else in town so we loved to hang out together. We were the hot young girls in the office and shared many secrets, worries, and fun times! She is hillarious and we both wish we could be there for each other more, but the distance doesn't allow it:(

People I look up to:

My Dad
Why? He is just the greatest. He is so giving and so sweet! He always does his best to make my mom happy. He is an awesome grandpa to Jaxon and Henry. He always helps me when I am in need. He is one of the hardest working men I know and he taught me how to work hard too. He's so cute when he sees something that touches him, he gets totally teary eyed! (That's where I get it from.)

My Mother-in-Law
Why? She is so giving. She is always trying to please everyone else and doens't worry about herself at all. She would do anything for her husband and kids, and kid-in-laws. She always makes me feel loved. She has taught me a lot since coming into her family. I am really blessed to have such a sweet mother in law.

My Friend, Kathryn
Why? She is so strong. I totally love her! She worked hard all through school and graduated from ASU and has a great job. She is so kind and is always there for me. We have been best friends since we met in first grade. I know she'll always be in my life and I am so thankful for that. Plus, she is hillarious! I love that:)

People I wish I were closer to:

My Little Brother, Joshua
Why? Because I love him and he is my only brother. We have a lot of different opinions and we're both pretty stuck on those opinions so that causes some strife. He is a Freshman at ASU and living in the dorms, so I understand he's busy, but we hardly even talk. I miss him. He always used to make me laugh. When we were younger, we were best friends and got along so well. I know people grow up and change, but he's my brother, you know? Isn't family the most important thing in our lives? Aren't we always supposed to be close? I wish. He has such a good heart and I hope we'll be close again some day.

My Mom
Why? I love her too. Ever since Jaxon was born she has been an awesome grandma to him and now Henry will have that too. But, sometimes I want to have my mom be my mom and not my sons' grandma. I'm 22 and sill feel like a little girl who needs her mommy. Maybe some day I'll get the guts to let her her know.

Yeah, I was thinking about all of this in the middle of the night...


brady lady said...

we get so caught up in our own lives we forget about everyone else, always busy feeding, playing and diaper changing, i'm right there with you on that.

Jami said...

Does your mom not read this? That was so sweet. I feel like having a baby really brings all of your thoughts out. Bad or Good! And aren't those late night feedings great...well I thought so for about 2 months, and then I didn't. But when they are little and they make all their cute newborn is so sweet to be alone with them, and nurse them!


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