Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby Henry & Jax & Mama

It's a lot of work, but I just love having my little baby Henry in our home! I'm so glad he joined our family:) I try to soak up every precious second while holding him and I can feel his sweet spirit. He is so smiley and happy. The only time he is fuzzy is if he is hungry, poopy, or tired. The rest of the time he is perfectly fine.
And Jaxon is just so cute! He is talking so much lately. It's exciting that he is getting better at pronouncing words, but at the same time it will be kind of sad when he can talk correctly. The way he talks now is so cute!
Jaxon has really been into Toy Story lately. He asks, "Watch Woody Buzz?" If we say yes he gets so excited but if we say no...well, we won't talk about that...it can get ugly! He runs around pretending he's buzz and yesterday at my mom's house he came up with this:
Those are dish clothes tucked into his shirt for wings like Buzz. I can't believe how creative he is and how good he is at using his imagination!

Oh, he loves olives!
Is that RED hair?


The Bottjer Family said...

So cute! I love the buzz wings so creative. It'd be cool if Henry had red hair- Landon and him can start a red head club. =) You can be in it.... but I will have to be an honorary member. He heh.

Tayce and Lacie said...

Your boys are adorable and your adventures are great. Hope all is well. Tell Devin CONGRATS on the job. I feel the anxiety of all that teaching stuff. I actually would of been doing my student teaching in the fall, but things happen and change your plans. But, I'm glad he found a job, he's going to be a great teacher! Love you guys.


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