Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween 2008

Jax was Buzz, of course.
Henry was just Henry, but what could be better:)
My parents came to the trunk-or-treat to see the boys. The had some pretty fancy costumes too! (Devin's chili was a hit:) )
On Saturday, we went up to Devin's grandparents cabin outside of Payson. The theme was "high school." Devin was the Prom King complete with construction paper crown and I was a track star sporting a genuine Westwood jersey. Devin's parents were coaches, Reina was a super smarty pants, Elisha was a gothic chick and her husband Josh was a nasty staff worker.
We did carmel apples for an activity and Jax loved it!

1 comment:

Moore Fun said...

What...you got to keep your uniform, not fair!
That's pretty good Roo two kids and you still fit in your high school track outfit :)


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