Thursday, November 13, 2008


Devin is done with his student teaching! His last day was actually October 31. We sent his resumes to the school districts around here at the beginning of the school year and let them know he'd be available to teach in November. They all told us to contact them when he was available and until then, there wasn't really anything we could do to pursue employment. So he finished his student teaching at Queen Creek high school and resent his applications in. Devin had 2 interviews, and another 2 set up, but the 2 he went to both offered him jobs! One was at Florence High School teaching Algebra 1, and the other was for Williams Field High School teaching Algebra 1 and Geometry. After talking about it and weighing the options, we decided to take the Williams Field job. He starts today!

Devin didn't get paid for his 12 weeks spent student teaching. It's like an unpaid internship. At times it was tight, but we were really blessed. I never really worried about him being able to find a job when he was done. I just thought we'd pray and do the things we were supposed to and everything would be fine. I was right! We are so blessed that our prayers were answered and within a few days of becoming qualified, Devin had a job! (Two to choose from actually!)

One of the interesting things that helped us was the fact that we didn't get our tax refund until the end of August! It was so late and we were a little annoyed it was taking so long, but it actually came at a perfect time. If we had the money earlier, we might have spend it and then we wouldn't have had it when he wasn't working and we really needed it. I believe my Heavenly Father's hands were present in our lives and he was watching out for us. He guides us in our decisions and through the kindness of others, we continue to be blessed daily!


Janet said...

That's great! I'm glad you guys are doing well. How awesome to have TWO jobs to choose from. I bet he's so excited to actually start teaching.

Rusty and Ashley said...

Congrats Devin! We are really happy for you guys! Good luck at Williams Field. Tell him to keep an eye on our YM/YW who are there!

mamachick said...

Oh yeah! I'm so glad that he got the job and that everything has worked out. We can't wait to get back out there next month to the ward and with everyone again. :)


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