Tuesday, September 28, 2010


One thing we do in our house is that if the kids don't want to eat the dinner I make for them, they only have one choice...oatmeal.  I'm not a restaurant and I'm not going to make anything they want, but I don't want them to go hungry either.  

Some nights, Henry prefers to eat in the Bumbo, on the table, without his shirt on.  
He's so cute in church when we sing hymns, he just says, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus."  Sometimes when we aren't singing he still wants to and when we tell him to sing quietly, he gets upset and says, "Singing. Jesus" and keeps going!


Royalbird said...

I wish we had a staple like that to fall back on, but we don't. That's good to have an option like that.

keighley@thebellalife said...

I love the oatmeal idea! So many times I see parents making cheese crisps then pb&j's and then pizza etc etc. trying to get their kids to eat and I want to scream. Kids need to understand that food is a privilege.

I am so copying this idea when I have kids.

keighley fleming

shirley elizabeth said...

This reminds me of elementary school lunch. If you didn't bring a lunch or didn't like anything on the menu, you got the nasty peanut butter and jelly. But oatmeal isn't nasty. I like oatmeal.


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