Thursday, September 16, 2010

Running Music

There are some songs/artists that I just can't listen to because it reminds me so much of running.  Like, Owl City.  I used to listen to them at the beginning of every run while training for the marathon.  Now when I hear it, it sets off something in my brain that makes me think it's time to run.  It's like torture not being able to respond when my body wants to.  I just have to tell myself there will be a day when I'll be able to run again.

1 comment:

The Bottjer Family said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. Every time I hear Lady Gaga or Black Eyed Peas- no matter what I'm doing my heart beat picks up and my muscles tense like it's time to start running sprints and sweating like a lunatic. Love it! You'll be back at it again in no time and looking as skinny and hot as ever! (insert me being mad) love ya!


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