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I finished Mockingjay last night.  I did love it, but it was so sad!  (But, not sad enough to make me cry.   Surprising, huh?)  It finally got happy on the last 2 pages.  Really.  Like 398 pages of sadness and 2 pages of happiness.  Well, there are some happy things throughout the book, but I can't even think of any except the end...

There is so much to say!  I think I'll break it down by character...

I feel so bad for everything she has gone through.  She was brave and didn't give up, but she wouldn't let herself love and it drove me crazy!  She loved Gale and Peeta, but it took forever for her to allow herself to really love.  I loved when Peeta would sleep with Katniss and she always felt safe and didn't have nightmares...that's maybe more 2nd book, but still...  Also, in the second book, I loved when Katniss hung the dummy with the ex-gamemakers name on it.  That was a fabulous moment for her.

I misread a blog and thought Peeta was going to die so I kept expecting it to happen.  I'm so glad he didn't!  It was so hard to read about how crazy the Capital made him.  I just felt so bad for him.  It would be terrible not knowing what's real and what's not and not knowing who to believe when they try to help you.  I did almost cry when they brought out the wedding cake he decorated because it meant there was hope that he really might recover.  I wanted him to get better and be able to love Katniss again.  

After all Peeta and Katniss had been through, they were the ones who could comfort and understand each other.  They needed each other.  

The end was so sweet... 
"You love me.  Real or not real?"  

I wasn't a big fan from the beginning.  I like that they are friends and he always had her back, but that was all she needed.  It seemed like in the end, that was all he could give anyway.  He totally abandoned Katniss after it was all over.  I think he did love her, but he didn't really fight for her.  I thought he seemed more into fighting and the rebellion than into being there for Katniss.

I love Haymitch.  He's funny and has an attitude!  I don't love that he's always drunk, but he is always there for Katniss and he's always right when he gives her advise.  I loved how he would tell Katniss things without saying them straight out and she always understood.  They had a special relationship.  He was alway honest with Katniss and told her things the way they really were.  She didn't always like it, but I think she appreciated it because she knew she could trust him.  Haymitch had no one before Katniss and Peeta.  They gave him someone to care about again and they cared about him.  

I thought he was great.  He was always there for Katniss.  They understood each other when no one else could.  It was sweet how he was so in love with Annie.  I felt so bad for all he'd been through.  I wasn't even sure if he really died when he did because there wasn't much to his death.  For such a strong character, I thought there should have been more said about his death.  I don't think he should have died. He was finally with Annie again!

I was so sad he died!  I love Cinna!  He was so smart and brave in his defiance of the Capital.  He took care of Kaniss as long as he could and even after he died!  

He's so great too.  Funny and always there for Katniss.  He always trusted her and was very loyal to her.  He gave Katniss a heads up that Coin shouldn't be trusted.  It's sad he didn't make it.

She had a small part, but I loved how she stood up to Peeta for Katniss.  Delly just seems like a sweet girl and I liked her character.

Yeah, I knew she was trouble.  Didn't see her death coming, though.  I'm glad she wasn't the new leader because it seemed like she ran things just like President Snow.  I kept thinking that the revolution wasn't going to change anyone's lives except hers because she would be the new leader.  I couldn't believe she wanted to have another Hunger Games.  She is just as bad as Snow!  Maybe worse because she lied to people.  At least Snow never lied to Katniss.

Oh, one thing that drove me crazy was that like every 5 minutes, Katniss was being knocked out or passing out.  It was like the author didn't want to finish the scene, so she just had Katniss blackout and wake up at the next scene.  I get it happening a few times, but it seemed like it kept happening over and over!


brady lady said...

when do you find time to read? and blog?

Adam and Nicole said...

My sentiments exactly! I wasn't a fan of Gale from the beginning either. At first I thought it was because we just don't see him much in the first 2 books, but then after reading Mockingjay I realized that there were little hints in both books that showed us how he really is!
also completely agree with you about Finnick, I didn't think he was really dead at first either because it was so fast.
Love Haymitch. the end.
Coin was a crazy woman just like snow.
I am glad you liked the series, it is definitely one of my favorites.

ps. thanks for you nice words on my blog it is much appreciated. :)

Anonymous said...

you are such a reader when you start a series. Still remember when you were reading the Twilight series on our trip. Im glad you find a minute or two for yourself. I bet it is in the early or late hours. love ya
mom miller


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