Friday, September 24, 2010


I've got nothing to post about.  Nothing exciting is going on.  I haven't taken any cute pictures of my kids lately.

I cleaned out Devin's car today and it was disgusting.  Trash and crumbs everywhere.  Surprisingly, it didn't smell bad in there.  Good thing.  I probably would have puked if it did.  I rarely ride in his car and to him, he doesn't care if last week's water bottle doesn't get thrown out, so the car gets trashed.  We took it on our date the other night and I finally decided I had to step in.  I understand it's not one of his priorities because he has a lot of other stuff to worry about, and so do it, but it's just too gross for me not to clean it up.  He doesn't know I did it so we'll see how surprised he is...

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