Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day

We had a great holiday!  Devin went dove hunting early while the boys and I had a lazy morning.  After he got home, we headed to our friends Mike and Molly's house for lunch where we also met up with Tank and Jill.  It's fun to see these guys because Mike and Molly have one little boy and Tank and Jill have two boys like us...there were so many little boys running around!  

After some delicious bbq, we went for a ride on the light rail to Chase Field to watch the Diamondbacks play.  The boys were excited for the "choo choo train" ride and even more excited to see a baseball game.  It was more walking then we expected, and super hot, but still tons of fun to be with friends!
Henry was SO tired and desperately needed a nap, so I gave in with the binki.  He hung in pretty good as long as he had that.  

Oh yeah, on our light rail ride back, there was a crazy guy on a bike who almost got in a fight!  Another guy told him he needed to hang up his bike on the train and he got all crazy all of a sudden!  They started yelling back and forth and exchanged some insults.  It was awkward and scary for the kids.  The guy who started it in the first place, ended up stopping, but the crazy guy just kept yelling stuff!  Mike used his skills he learned while working in the psych ward to keep him from totally going crazy.  We were all a little scared for Mike, but the guy ended getting off before things got too serious.  It was definitely a memorable experience for our first time on the light rail!


mollie said...

Ha ha, good times. Thanks for coming guys. We definitely need to get together more often! We sure had fun!

Connie said...

Oy that's freaky. It scares me seeing people loose it in public. Glad the rest of the day was fun! (=

brady lady said...

your boys are too cute


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