Wednesday, October 6, 2010


For family night yesterday we read the story of Job.  When Devin showed Jaxon the picture of Job with boils, Jaxon pointed to me and said, "He has owies like you, mommy."  "What?" Devin asked, concerned.  "You know.  Like those on your face.  What are they called?"  "Pimples" I told him.  My skin goes a little crazy with the hormones at the beginning of my pregnancies, but by about half way, it clears up.  Currently, I only have one blemish.  I'm not very excited that my sweet little son thinks I am covered in boil-like owies, but, I had to laugh!

Kids say the darndest things!

Oh, and I'm going to make these Halloween decorations with the boys.  I think they will love them!  But, here is a cuter picture of them.

I have been in the mood for doing projects so I'm going to make one of these car seat tents and one of these car seat covers for the new baby.

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