Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2 is Better than 1

Henry came out of his room like this the other day.  
I think it's really going to be a hard few days when we decide to get rid of the binki.  I think the day is going to be soon.  The fact that he likes his binki didn't really bother me before, but recently it has been driving me crazy.  It might be the pregnancy, but when he wakes me up in the night to find his binki because he threw it out of his crib, that makes me cranky.  

So, mamas, any tips for getting rid of the binki?

It's funny because Jaxon seemed so grown up when Henry was born.  And though Henry will be older when Oliver is born than Jaxon was when Henry was born, Henry still seems like such a baby!


Becky said...

I'm no expert but sometimes you have to cut the cord and know your life is going to suck for a good solid week. Anytime we took the kids out of their crib to sleep in their bed, took the bink away, no more sippies at night, etc . . . it usually took a week of crying to get over it. Usually not that long but yes, that's the potential. It beats having to look for a binki ever time you put the kid down for a nap:)

Adam and Nicole said...

When we got rid of the binki with Blake, we cut the tips off of the binkis so that HE didn't want it anymore. It was still a few days of crying about it, but they just have to learn to fall asleep without the sucking. We got rid of it sooner with Kade, he was actually sick and had a really stuffy nose so he couldn't breathe with it in his mouth. So I figured, as long as he was crying for it but couldn't have it, we would get rid of it. His was much easier.
Good Luck!!!


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