Monday, October 11, 2010

J Turns 4!

We celebrated Jaxon's birthday this weekend.  First Granny, Gramps, and Oma came over for dinner.  Jaxon requested some ridiculous meal of beans with tortillas folded up like diapers...gross.  I guess that's what a four-year old little boy mind thinks is funny.  We didn't make that.  

Jaxon was really excited about his presents.
A fun chalk-making project
 Pour into molds
 Wait for it to dry

Then, on Saturday (Jaxon's actual birthday) Mommy took the boys to Krazy Sub for dinner.  Some firemen came in and started talking to Jaxon and Henry.  We told them it was his birthday and they offered to show him their fire truck!  It was so nice!  He got to go inside and look at all their gear.  They even let him sit in the driver seat!  He loved it!

Henry got in for a second, but said he was scared and wanted out.

On Sunday, Nana, Papa, Reina, Elisha, and Josh came over to celebrate.  Jaxon wanted banana cake so that's what Devin made.  He originally wanted coconut because that's what Curious George had, but we didn't have the ingredients for it so Devin was able to convince him to go for banana cake instead.  
Aunt Reina got JJ a cool superhero play dough kit.  I just realized I didn't get a pic, but Aunt Elisha and Uncle Josh got Jax a glow in the dark Toy Story shirt--an immediate favorite item of clothing!
And the forever anticipated Iron Man suit!
Henry got a little outfit too and loved it.
Mommy and Daddy got Iron Man action figures for the boys.
So happy!
Little Henry likes to be just like Jaxon.
Mommy and Jaxon on his special day!
We sure do love Jaxon.  He made me a mommy and I am grateful for that everyday.  When one of the daycare kids says or does something that isn't very nice, Jaxon always stands up to them.  Every once in a while it does get to be too much because sometimes he makes the kids cry with how upfront he is about it, but I am glad he isn't afraid to stand up to his friends when they do something he knows isn't right.  I hope this continues through his youth.  He will always give me love and wants me to sing "I Have a Family Here on Earth" to him every night after stories and prayers and then he likes to sing it back to me.  He is such a sweetie!

Oh, and he knows the alphabet in sign language.  

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katie b. said...

happy belated birthday jaxon!
p.s. i about died laughing at the meal he requested... beans in tortilla-made diapers. brilliant! hahahhahahahahaha

sounds like it's time for a visit :)


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