Thursday, October 28, 2010


This was our pumpkin carving adventure this year.
 Jaxon told Daddy what he wanted his jack-o-lantern to look like and Daddy carved away.
 Henry was more interested in my sewing machine than his pumpkin.
Jaxon admiring his carved pumpkin.
 Here's Jaxon's jack-o-lantern!
Henry was being so goofy!
He was making everyone laugh:)
 Then Henry wanted to look at the newspaper instead of put it under his pumpkin.
He said, "Oh, swa-berries!" (strawberries)
 And finally he got down from the table all together and set up his stools so he could reach his "Harry Potter wands."
Jaxon watched Daddy do Henry's pumpkin.
 Time to take them outside!
Examining their work.
(Good thing the boys had baths so they could lay on the ground outside.)
Yea for Halloween!

1 comment:

The Bottjer Family said...

very spooky. we just have uncarved pumpkins on our porch. I always hate that they shrivel so fast and we don't get to enjoy them.


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