Friday, October 29, 2010

Primary Program

This past Sunday was our Primary Program in church.  It was the sweetest thing ever.  I thought since some family came to watch, Jaxon might want to just stay seated with them and not go up to participate in the program.  But, he was so excited to sing for everyone that he went right up.  He said his line perfectly, "Jesus said, 'Come follow me.'"  When all the little kids sang I could just feel their sweet spirits and their perfect little testimonies.

I hope all my boys can continue to learn about the gospel and strengthen their testimonies through service and making good choices.  The gospel bring me so much comfort and happiness I want them to have that blessing in their lives too.

1 comment:

The Van Fam said...

trey had his program last week too, hard to believe they are in primary and singing inthe program, huh?! so cute!


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