Monday, August 25, 2008

Jaxon's Play Date with Trey, Spiderman, & Elmo Chicken

This is Jaxon's friend Trey. Trey's mom is my friend Heather, whom I met when we were like four years old. We were in the same kindergarten class, ward, and neighborhood. Heather and I had the same due date for our second boys, but she had her baby, Connor, on Sunday. Hopefully, Henry will follow quickly behind...

Trey is about six months older than Jaxon. We went over to Trey's house and Jaxon fell in love with his dancing, singing Spiderman. Luckily, Trey also has a dancing, singing Elmo chicken to play with since Jaxon would cry if he had to give up Spiderman. They were so cute playing together!

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