Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm Getting Old!

For my 22nd birthday my in-laws took us out to eat at an Italian place (it's my favorite food). It was really yummy and the chocolate ice cream cake was delicious!

Me and my Love
Me and my Baby
Jaxon decided he needed to sort the artificial sugar according to color: pink, yellow, and white...organizing before age 2...yeah, he's definitely my kid!
Here are the way cute pedicures I got with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law...I'm on the top, Terri has the other black flip-flops, Elisha has the green flip-flops, and Reina didn't have her's done, but came for the fun! (Click on the pic and you can see the designs better close up.)
It was wonderful! It's always nice to have someone massage your feet and paint your toenails! This place is in Tempe and they do some really fun and unique designs!

It was a fun day. Devin was so sweet and made me breakfast and really made me feel like it was my special day. If only he knew what was coming for his birthday... :)


Jami said...

happy birthday! I forgot that we have close birthdays! I was prego on my last birthday...all I wanted was to get my feet rubbed, and get a predicure! by the way..i love henry!

Becky said...

did you say you were old???? You're pretty funny there, lady. happy birthday!

royalbird said...

funny girl! I turned 30 two weeks after having #4 and that was a huge let-down for me. But sounds like you had a great bday!


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