Sunday, August 17, 2008

I am, I am...I think I am...

I saw this post on my friend Sonda's blog and thought it would be fun to do it. I think it's inspired from that song on Nacho Libre. I love that movie!

I am: a wife to the best husband in the world and mother to the cutest little boy.
I think: the world is a scary place, but there are lots of good people too.
I know: the church (of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) is true.
I want: to have baby Henry soon.
I have: 2 doggies, Joey, a German Wire-Hair Pointer who loves Jaxon, and Polly, a English Setter, Brittany Spaniel mix who runs away from Jaxon.
I wish: Devin was guaranteed a job when he is done with student teaching.
I hate: rude, inconsiderate people.
I miss: sleeping through the night and sleeping in. And life before bills!--Not the life I had before I got bills, but the feeling of not having bills!
I fear: dying young or Devin dying young or losing a child.
I feel: tired and achy.
I hear: Devin watching his movie.
I smell: nothing. Lots of smells bother me right now, so I haven't been burning any oils lately.
I crave: Otter Pops and ice cream.
I search: for a comfortable sleeping position.
I wonder: what life will be like with 2 kids.
I regret: not hugging more. I think hugging is so great. I want to be a huggy person, but it's just not something I do without making a conscious effort.
I love: my life.
I care: about helping others.
I always: have my toe nails painted.
I am not: tall or shy-though people who don't know me think I am shy.
I believe: anyone can be what they want to be, whether it's skinny, smart, just takes effort.
I dance: nope, I don't dance because I don't look good while doing it!
I sing: along in the car and primary songs to Jaxon at night.
I don't always: rest when I should.
I fight: with sarcasm...totally snotty, I know!
I write: lists for everything! I'll forget stuff if I don't and I like checking stuff off.
AND (wrote) in my journal every night in high school, but now mostly on my blog instead.
I lose: hardly anything. I like the house clean, organized, and clutter free, so I rarely lose things.
I win: (won) the sweetest man's heart!
I never: say cuss words, though there have been a few close calls...
I listen: to Jaxon talk and laugh and it always makes me happy!
I can usually be found: at home or at the Y swimming.
I am scared: of the dark--if I'm alone.
I am happy about: everything I have been blessed with, which is so much more than I even realize!

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